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Chamalla started grow question 4 years ago
Please tell me why the leaves are doing what they're doing. To some degree most of my plants have this - unlike some other issues I've had I haven't yet managed to figure this one out - but it's the most visible here.
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10 weeks
Sweet Seeds S.A.D. F1 Fast version Chamalla
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20 comments · 4 years ago
Week 4
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Gauer_Flowers answered grow question 4 years ago
twisting leaves like that usually points to issues with pH or some environmental stress (temp, humidity, too close to lights, ect.)
might want to check the pH of the water yer giving her, check the environment I have had twisting like this cause a fan was pointing directly on the plant and that caused the twisting. But as long as the new growth is coming in nicely don't make any drastic changes. let her do her thing, less is usually more. Cheers, good luck. :alien: