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4 months ago
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CrokuDodu Apprentice
Zamaldelica x Kali China
Growing it
Totally forgot to finish that grow diary haha.

This strain is incredibly good ! Probably my favorite of all the strains I grew and smoked so far.

Smell : fruity, tropical, very strong, deep, side notes of hashish. Very unique and hard to describe.

Taste : just like it smells ! Which is pretty rare.

Effect : just perfect. For a 50/50 strain I was fearing too much stoney stuff but on the contrary ! To me it's much more on the energetic side, brain agitating but not paranoia or anxiety. You do have a comedown with a body and mind relaxation but I would no recommend this strain too late at night as it keeps your brain ! More of a daytime/afternoon strain.

Ticks all the box, just try this strain you wont regret it. If it was named something stupid with cookie/runtz/gelato it would be an instant frenzy but the guys at ACE keep it real, huge props for the work !!

Deserve to be a classic strain !
1 year ago
CrokuDodu Apprentice
Growing it
Smoke report time !

- Great high, pretty active but with a stoned comedown, long lasting, overall strong.
- Great smell, sweet and floral, no grapefruit tho. But I kind of messed up the curing :(...
- Good taste, very smooth.

Overall I love this strain but I fucked up with the curing, I'm so mad haha.

Thanks to everybody who followed along :)) !
2 years ago
CrokuDodu Apprentice
Tangie Auto
Growing it
Hey everybody !

So after about a 3 weeks cure here is my review :

Grow :

- pretty easy to grow and very resistant to mold (had 60% peak of humidy on late flower)
- was done real quick (76 days) good yield, I could have done better tho

- during grows the smell is loud but not overwhelming (like gsc for ex) so good for relative discretion purpose

Aspect & Smoke :

- buds are really frosty !
- A bit disappointed on the smell : one smells very nice of tangie/fruity/sweety but's a bit light to my taste, while the second one barely smells anything at all, will see as cure progress...
- tastes good on both pheno but I was expecting something tastier
- Great high, uplifting, motivating, joyful, quite strong. There is kind of a "crash" at the end for me so time to take another one or go to bed !

Overall :

A nice grow without any major issue and a great strain even if she does not make it to the top of my list. As always I'm far from being a master at growing so I'm sure this strain could be really awesome in expert hands

Thanks for following and commenting this diaries guys, it was a lot of fun :)))) !

Stay safe, peace !
3 years ago

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