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Britaniola started grow question 3 years ago
I just need someone to have a look at this grow and give me some advice on what to do now to try and get the best yield possible.
Week 11
Techniques. Defoliation
GreenHouseLab answered grow question 3 years ago
I'll start with things that are on point so you continue to maintain. Your temperature and RH is on point for the Veg. phase Once you move into flower you'll want to gradually drop your RH from 55% to 50% and aim to finish at 40% if you can. Humidity is the hardest thing to control when talking about reducing the RH% and not increasing the temperature in your tent. Secondly, you are giving the plant all the essential nutrients for the time-being minus minerals which is starting to show signs on depletion as your leaves are pale between the veins almost to the point turning yellow and next you'll see brown spots. Just as LaBOSS mentioned Cal-Mag will solve that issue and up to this point you had plenty in your soil but after 11 weeks it's possible it's being diluted and now showing signs of deficiencies. Focus on your watering, what I mean by that is you need to have a proper wet/dry cycle as this will be ever more so important when you are producing buds since any damage to your root system will make it that much harder for your plants to absorb the potassium and phosphorous required for big buds. Other than that be ready for a stretch with your plants. Stakes or a net will help support he buds. I see you have it already setup but I find it best effective when you let the plant started to stretch and in week 1-2 of flower and then start using the net for its true purpose or add a second net. In week 3 of flower I would do a nice defoliation and lollipop as the suckers below the net. Just a few things for now to focus on and we are all here for support should you have further questions. Every grow is a learning experience even for the most experienced growers. Cheers.
DILLIGAF answered grow question 3 years ago
@Britaniola Hi you will need to completely fill that scrog net before the stretch finishes
Then once flowering starts remove all the leaves and tiny bud sites below the net This will let your plants focus all of their energy into the top canopy of colas Giving you the best return possible Hope to have helped and Best of luck :grinning:
Jocolope answered grow question 3 years ago
Learn from my mistake, don't soak the fabric pots right after transplanting, give the plant time to absorb water/nutrients.

My plants were super thirsty and then transplanted in 3 gal fabric pots. I watered until a good runoff, let's say I drowned them, my Zombie Kush was 3 feet tall and gave me only 20 grams on harvest, I was so sad lol.

Good luck thought they look good, and always water with cal mag and switch to mag sulfur half way in flower!! : P
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there Brit, you can do what i did which is to lower your lights down real low the week running up to the flip so the plant absorbs more energy (idk if that's scientific or not, but it works for me lol), give them a few foliar sprays with cal mag (4ml/L cal mag sprayed on just before lights on) that yellowing between the veins of the leaf and the side of the leafs, that's an Mg deficiency, and you for sure want to be 100 on that heading into flower to maximize your growth potential. Throw in a second net , i can tell this grow is gonna produce some monsters and you'll simply need that extra support. Hope this helps ! :rocket: