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Ap0_DrX started grow question 6 months ago
Can anyone suggest how to do the defoliation
Garage Grow No.1
11 weeks
Garage Grow No.1 Ap0_DrX
2 comments · 5 months ago
Week 8
Techniques. Defoliation
GrowingGrannie answered grow question 6 months ago
One of the best articles on this can be found here:

You really DO need to do some defoliation to get air flow going as well as bringing light to the lower bud sites... that article will help you figure out what to trim, when to trim and how much to trim .... it's my go-to reference for defoliation!

Good luck!
Brewer1112 answered grow question 6 months ago
I would cut off any limbs and leaves that aren't receiving light. Basically lollipop it. Everything below a certain level. Also remove and fan leaves covering bud site, older larger leaves, and any damaged of sickly leaves. Once finished give her a watering and so nutrients to help her recover. If you look at some of my grows you can see how I did mine. Only look at the photoperiod diaries. I only defoliate photoperiod cultivars.
ernest_twwg answered grow question 6 months ago
I always take off any fan leaves that are covering potential branch and bud sites. The more light those sites get, the more they grow.

And don't worry, it's really hard to make a plant turn into a hermaphrodite by pruning leaves.
Also, look into lollipopping, if you haven't already. It does wonders for plants.

I hope this helps.
AsNoriu answered grow question 6 months ago
its a very delicate question, there is so many videos, its more about your experience, knowing the strain time and etc

most of people just clean a bit bottoms, open insides of plant and take few leave here and there from time to time

There is schwazzing technique, Miami mango , two step, 3 step, veg included or excluded ...

You are asking too much or investing yourself into the question too little ...

Its interesting and very wide growing technique, sometimes dangerous if done wrong, i saw here people it doing more wrong than right ...

my first ever, maybe you will find some thoughts in comments and week descriptions .

happy Growing !!!
Anonymous_2022 answered grow question 6 months ago
Hi there

For Photoperiods you want to remove any leaves that are directly above bud sites so they don’t block light to get into the new growth,

And any ideally that are bunched up tight together as it’s will cause high humidity and areas you can get powdery mildew problems etc

you don’t want to take too much at a time or you will shock her,

Just a trim up like you was having a haircut :scissors:

For Autos i hardly defoliate only remove leaves if absolutely necessary,

Best of luck :seedling: