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MisterSix started grow question 1 year ago
in this stage i use the AN basic line, should i buy some PK booster to boost the next bloom stage. I have 3 options: Power Fuel, Kool Bloom by GH and Shooting Powder which one is the best. Thanks alot
Week 9
Buds. Not fattening
Cbalderson60 answered grow question 1 year ago
If the plant doesn’t need it, adding a supplement can sometimes do nothing, or even worse it could hurt your plant. For example, if you add a PK booster when you’re already giving full strength base flowering nutrients, you could burn or even kill your plants! Pk Boosters and Shooting Powderd – With this type of supplement, the main ingredients are just Phosphorus and Potassium because they are important for flowering. These also sometimes contain some amount of sulfur. In general, use these sparingly as they’re usually very potent! And don’t forget that every quality base Bloom nutrient should already contain plenty of P and K. Giving relatively low levels of Nitrogen during the flowering stage helps buds fatten up.
mr_green_thumb_ottawa answered grow question 1 year ago
i would wait also and if you can had piranha/tarantula whit that voodoo juice you would see huge difference and quicker but those are nice did you forgot to change veg to budding stage on this page lol and if you want to boost them stick to organic like mention above if you can change b52 for super B1 max it be better taste you can brew your own tea whit molasses/piranha/voodoo juice/tarantula+ B1

excellent for all strain
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 1 year ago
Hi, you may safe your Booster up to 4th week of flower, then they are going to love it. until then i just would go the basic line. i would go with any booster around 9 -12 Percent p and k... so chek the bottles of your new to sell nutrition and get any of them. Chemically its only P and K...