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Leeguan started grow question 4 years ago
Look ok for 18 days ? Not been watered for one week due to being away, and its still alive. Now just starting to reuse water with biomix as per their chart
Sensi seed auto 600w led indoor 1st grow
6 weeks
Sensi seed auto 600w led indoor 1st grow Leeguan
Sensi Skunk Automatic
11 comments · 3 years ago
Week 3
Leaves. Tips - Burnt
ChillumMafia answered grow question 3 years ago
AAAAll perfectly! Water only with water. you can add a root stimulant and shed all the pots before draining.
Kaya666 answered grow question 4 years ago
Great color & size! Nice work. I'd focus on getting her stem beefed up at this point--some steady wind from an oscillating fan or outdoor breeze should do the trick. Looks like you have a nice rich soil there so no need to feed until about Week 3 (though some growers start sooner). Happy growing! :blush:
PharmaZ answered grow question 4 years ago
Looks great, just make sure you give the wet/dry cycles now, you can focus the watering closer to the edges to get the roots to search for water.
MUDBUG answered grow question 4 years ago
She looks good for her age i would not start feeding her yet u should be using calmag and a root booster only i would go with rizzatonic are voodoo juice till you get to the 4th node on her then go 300-400 ppms you will burn her if u feed her now she has to put a lil more size on she streched alot already she needs more light also good luck you got this with a lil tweek here and there you should come out SKUNKY ON DIS ONE:+1::+1::v::v::beers::beers:
Michka answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi there ! She's looking good ! As she's still small and is in a big pot, don't overwater her... Give only a few when she looks thirsty, and everything will be fine ! Anyway she' looking healthy, you're on the right way !