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Kaya666 Apprentice
Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD
Growing it
*Standout Traits: Thick middle cola, downward clawing leaves.
*Positives: Rapidly-growing fat buds, fast maturation, short & stocky, amazing tart/fruity smell.
*Negatives: Asymmetry, prone to yellowing & leaf trouble (spots, burns), sensitive to underwatering, small yield.

IPCBD appears to take on many different heights & shapes depending on grow conditions & phenotype. I went into this expecting a taller & more robust plant since I was growing in a regular sized pot as opposed to a Solo cup. Was a bit surprised she stayed so short & stocky, though this wasn't a bad thing since stealth was important. However, I was somewhat bothered by other weaknesses in the form of orange leaf spots, crispy tips & leaves that yellowed rapidly in Week 7. She also exhibited some major asymmetry--the left branch grew much bigger & farther out from the main stem than the right & several buds were smaller on one side despite frequent rotation to ensure equal illumination. She was actually *more* finicky than my Solo cup plant and yielded a mere 0.3g more in dry weight, which was disappointing. Despite the cheap-o grow setup I expected an increased yield due to the larger container if nothing else...more room for the roots to stretch out.

That said, I'm pleased with the overall quality considering the conditions I was working with. Once the budlets formed they exploded quickly & never slowed. She responded well to ponytailing & leaf-tucking and bounced back from stem-pinching even when I accidentally perforated her stem. I also appreciate the short grow time very much. Would gladly grow this strain again if I had the seeds.

Overall, IPCBD is a sensitive plant that likes frequent feeding in flower but will reward growers with a thick main cola even under less than ideal conditions. She finished in 75 days under weak CFLs & created quite a stink for such a small girl. She would make a great addition to any grow room, even if it's just to fill a small corner of your tent.
5 years ago
Kaya666 Apprentice
Sour Diesel Autoflowering
Growing it
This strain is incredibly hardy & resistant to less than favorable conditions. I grew it in an 18-oz Solo cup under 2 CFL bulbs with 20 watts of blurple LED as side lighting. No grow tent or box. No light timer. No bottled nutrients or fertilizers. And I still got an incredibly sticky, healthy (if small) plant out of the experiment. She never stank too strongly, which was great for stealth purposes. No bud rot, mildew or pests despite living in a humid & bug-infested climate. Total cost of grow equipment (including seeds): $68.71.

Sour Diesel Auto is a great choice for first-time growers who lack the money/space/experience to grow difficult strains at a professional level. I'm sure the results would've been even better if conditions had been optimal, but she was kept small on purpose for stealth reasons. This is the first cannabis plant I've ever grown to completion & it was a great strain choice.
5 years ago

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