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3 months
2 weeks ago
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Barney's Farm
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3lementa1 Newbie
CBD Blue Shark
Growing it
I decided to grow this strain again because I had such great memories of its effects the first time I grew it 7 years ago. I wanted to grow this as kind of a bumper crop CBD plant for more therapeutic purposes. When I smoked some really good Wedding Cake I decided that would be my main strain for flavor and potency and I got some seeds from an unknown supplier. Let me tell you that the CBD Blue Shark from Barney's Farm stole the show at every single stage. The smell and vape taste are this amazing "blue" aroma that is a bit minty and fruity and a bit flowery or foresty. I've been vaping it for a couple days and I just smoked my first joint of it. Even though it might still be a bit fresh, the smoke was super smooth and it actually left a minty, flowery aftertaste similar to the bag smell and vape taste. It looks amazing too. All the pistils are reaching out just frozen in time and the buds are caked in trichomes. Smoking it has an instant sativa effect that's much more like a relaxed, clearheaded euphoria than any kind of racey feeling. It gives a bit of a rush when smoking or vaping the first bit that is really satisfying. Because the taste and effects are so great, the whole smoking experience is very pleasant. It made me feel motivated to come in here and type this out at least. I do feel a bit of pressure in my head though. It's funny - I knew I loved this strain, but I'm falling in love with it all over again. This remains one of the best strains I've ever smoked and I had no serious problems growing it. It was forgiving of my experimentation and took well to the mainline technique. Huge props to Barney's Farm for this reliable blockbuster. My camera has a hard time doing it justice but I'll try to get some better pictures.
2 weeks ago
3lementa1 Newbie
Tangerine Dream
Growing it
Good producer of strong, quality bud.
2 months ago

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