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Wedding Cake and CBD Blue Shark mainline

2 weeks ago
Wedding cake Custom Breeder & Strain
HID / 1000W
HID / 1000W
Remo Nutrients
Room Type
Grow medium
Grow medium
Coco Coir
Grow medium
Paper Towel
Germination Method
weeks 10,11,...
weeks 17,18,...
weeks 14,24,...
weeks 11,18,...
weeks 20,21,...
weeks 18,11,...
Barney's Farm - CBD Blue Shark
CBD Blue Shark
Barney's Farm

Growing it




I decided to grow this strain again because I had such great memories of its effects the first time I grew it 7 years ago. I wanted to grow this as kind of a bumper crop CBD plant for more therapeutic purposes. When I smoked some really good Wedding Cake I decided that would be my main strain for flavor and potency and I got some seeds from an unknown supplier. Let me tell you that the CBD Blue Shark from Barney's Farm stole the show at every single stage. The smell and vape taste are this amazing "blue" aroma that is a bit minty and fruity and a bit flowery or foresty. I've been vaping it for a couple days and I just smoked my first joint of it. Even though it might still be a bit fresh, the smoke was super smooth and it actually left a minty, flowery aftertaste similar to the bag smell and vape taste. It looks amazing too. All the pistils are reaching out just frozen in time and the buds are caked in trichomes. Smoking it has an instant sativa effect that's much more like a relaxed, clearheaded euphoria than any kind of racey feeling. It gives a bit of a rush when smoking or vaping the first bit that is really satisfying. Because the taste and effects are so great, the whole smoking experience is very pleasant. It made me feel motivated to come in here and type this out at least. I do feel a bit of pressure in my head though. It's funny - I knew I loved this strain, but I'm falling in love with it all over again. This remains one of the best strains I've ever smoked and I had no serious problems growing it. It was forgiving of my experimentation and took well to the mainline technique. Huge props to Barney's Farm for this reliable blockbuster. My camera has a hard time doing it justice but I'll try to get some better pictures.

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
2 plants
Number of plants harvested
1000 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
55% Sativa
45% Indica

Positive effects


This was my first time growing with Remo. I made some mistakes but overall I think they did the trick.

Commented by 3lementa1 3lementa1

This is just a beautiful strain to grow. The leaves have a rich dark green appearance and the shape is a mix of fatter indica leaves and longer sativa leaves. It's tendency is a fairly manageable and predictable grow/stretch and it responds well to training and powerful lights. The leaves on one of them changed colour at the end of flush and went yellow with some purples and pinks but the buds themselves have almost a silver glow to them. The pistils come out in early flower in a very strong, spikey and symmetrical way that amplifies the cool glow given off by the trichomes. With the rich, dark, beautiful leaves, the whole appearance is really beautiful and otherworldly. One of the Wedding Cake plants self-pollenated and there are some seeds in the CBD Blue Shark, but they're few and far between. It's not a disaster like the Wedding Cake. Honestly I can't say enough good things about this strain. The plants were hardy, easy to work with and forgiving of mistakes and experiments. The flowers looked amazing through every stage of development, and the finished product smells great, tastes great, looks great, and makes you feel great. This is my favourite strain to grow so far.

Grow Questions
3lementa1 week 13 started grow question 3 months ago
Should I delay flowering?
The leaves on 2/4 plants have gotten all crinkly and burnt looking. I transplanted 2 days ago and fed yesterday. I'm at 13 weeks in veg and just got the mainline looking like I want it. I was going to go into 12/12 on New Years but should I delay?
Leaves. Color - Mottling
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ORGANOMAN answered grow question 3 months ago
Yes, you should delay flowering until growth resumes normally. In future, let you plants recover fully from being transplanted before giving any type of feeding. No matter how careful you are, transplanting can/will be a slightly traumatic experience for your plants, with root damage being the main culprit. It will take a safe 3-5 days for your plants to fully recover from transplanting and resume growing again. Feeding your plants so soon after transplanting will mean that as your plant has not had a chance to fully repair/recover her root system and any feeding of nutrients will overly tax your plants ability to cope with the nutrients, when all she really wants is some plain water to re-establish herself and her root system. This will be the reason for the burnt leaves, too much nutrients and not enough "recovery fluid" or as it is sometimes known, plain water. Just like people who have had an operation, they are put on a saline drip to boost their electrolytes and to combat dehydration and are not given a 5 course meal. It is the same with your plants, they need a while with plain water to rehydrate themselves from their operation (transplanting) and need time to heal before being given a healthy meal. The burning occurs because your plant can not supply itself with enough fluid due to root upset and the addition of nutrients actually dehydrates the plant through reverse osmosis, causing the leaves to dry out and burn. Hope this helps,.... Organoman.
3lementa1 week 15 started grow question 3 months ago
Switch to flower after plain water?
I burned my plants 2 weeks ago and delayed flowering. I waited for them to dry out and just watered them with Ph'd water a couple days ago. They have recovered and are growing fast.
Can I switch to 12/12 right now or should I wait until they dry out and feed them bloom nutes?
Feeding. Schedule
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ORGANOMAN answered grow question 3 months ago
Don't let them dry out too often, this can cause further delays as your plant slows its metabolism to cope with the reduced water availability. Switching to flower and waiting until they have recovered and are making good growth again was a wise decision and switching now is ok. Try resuming feeding at half strength as it is better to feed slightly under, which is easy to correct, rather than trying to rescue an over fed and damaged plant, which you are well and truly aware of. After switching to 12/12, your plants will still need the extra nitrogen that is in the "grow" nutrients for a while and I would suggest waiting until the first "tufts" of white hairs/budlets are forming before changing to "bloom" nutrients. I usually go from grow nutrients to half grow nutrients and half bloom nutrients before changing again to just bloom nutrients. Hope this helps,.... Organoman.
3lementa1 week 15 started grow question 3 months ago
Should I dim 1000w for small space?
My grow space is 46"Lx67"Hx24"D. I have a dimmable 1000w mh and will switch to 1000w hps soon. For this size space, how high should I expect to have the 1000w? Is 100% too high? Pic is older.
Setup. Lighting
DeadwebsiteBoringcommunity answered grow question 3 months ago
Dude that's too much light with not enough space.. Your heat.. Your "Over lighting". You'd be way better off with a 250w or 400w. Contact a bulb supplier and find out from them what they would advise.. But a 1000 watt with 2 feet of height is NO good. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the truth is it's not a good idea to substantially dim down any grow light period.. Unless you are having problems.
3lementa1 week 24 started grow question 4 weeks ago
Watering and darkness before harvest
I've been giving them just water for 2 weeks but I only let them get about 10% runoff. I want to put them in 48hrs darkness but not if they've just been watered. Looking for opinions: flush to 80% runoff now and harvest on Wed or leave them in darkness and cut them down on Wed?
Other. Harvest - Drying
Feeding. Other
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NovaCapa answered grow question 4 weeks ago
Leave them in the darkness and cut soon, they are already optimal for potency any mroe time you're loosing THC. Hope this helps ! :rocket:
3lementa1 week 24 started grow question 3 weeks ago
Should I jar early? 5 days after chop
I harvested last Wednesday. I did a bit of a wet trim because I was worried about the humidity in the tent with the light off. The first few days the RH was between 50-70% and the nugs felt wet. Now it's been 45% for 2 days and the nugs are rock hard. Should I put in jars early?
Other. Harvest - Drying
Mr_Weeds_Autos answered grow question 3 weeks ago
Hey Growmie,
If the nugs are rock hard, then I wouldn't say it's early I'd say it's the right time to put them in the jars to start the cure. Hopefully, this was helpful, and remember ..." Happy Growing" and "Free your mind one puff at a time".