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Cogollo_eu Apprentice
Dutch Automatic
Growing it
Dutch Auto is an awesome strain in every aspect, from the easiest of growing it till the final product, crossing through resistance, sanity, size and the easiness of trimming it. Those were all awesome and notable aspects of the strain. No hard prunes, no toppings nor cuts… the plant has reached 1.07 m tall, with a main cola larger than 35 cm, and a final 67 g production of an exquisite product, with one of those tastes that remain forever in your mind, and with which you will recognize her again, as happened in the past (1998) with the Skunk. The aroma and taste of the final product is very citric, you can easily recognize a strong taste to grapefruit, and in the case of the small plant, it leaves a residual taste to orange after exhaling it. About the smoke time the high is strong, felling creative and a bit hungry, i used to smoke it along day. Don't try to smoke it for sleep watching a Comedy show or you will no sleep at all :joy:, at least until the TV show ends up **** Traducción a ESPAÑOL al final de la descripción en inglés*****
5 months ago
Cogollo_eu Apprentice
Growing it
I can say about Dinafem Gorilla that is with no doubt a very strong genetic with a fantastic recovery capacity. It is wonderful to see how it recovers and responds to each pruning and cutting that you made it, and how it is able to recover from big shits as shit happens.... No doubt it is a genetics with an awesome desire to grow as a champion, respect her times and you will have an "S" plant (10/10). What to say about the smell and taste of the buds, in my case a sweet and fruity product that makes you want to smoke more and more. The concentration of crystals is awesome as can be seen in the videos, I can say that among all the genetics that I have planted this is without doubt the one that has more crystals per cm2 and the leaves full from the center to the edge and from the stem to the tip. *** ESPAÑOL *** Sin duda una genética muy dura y con una capacidad de recuperación fantástica. Es maravilloso ver como se recupera y responde a cada poda y corte que la das, y como es capaz de reponerse de grandes cagadas. Sin duda es una genética con ganas de crecer como una campeona, respeta sus tiempos y tendrás una planta de 10. Que decir del olor y sabor de los cogollos, en mi caso un producto dulce y afrutado que te da ganas de fumar mas y mas. La concentración de cristales es increíble como se puede apreciar en los vídeos, puedo decir que de todas las genéticas que he plantado sin duda esta es la que cuenta con más cristales por cm2 y las hojas repletas del centro al borde y del tallo a la punta.
7 months ago
Cogollo_eu Apprentice
Think Big
Growing it
Since the beginning this strain was growing weird, and ended as started. As i told on first week, among 30 seeds i already planted since i started to grow, only one think big seed did not germinated among the 30, and you can see the results of the other 2. In my experience this strain not worth it, the risk on buy defective seeds is too high (2 of 3 in my case, and almost the 3rd too) 20€ directly thrown to the litter, and the other 10... not worthing for me, I can find better strains much more cheap. ***** ESPAÑOL ***** Desde el principio esta genética me ha crecido de forma muy rara, mal. Y ha acabado como empezó. Como comenté en la primera semana, de entre 30 semillas que he plantado desde que empecé a plantar, sólo 1 de think big no ha germinado de entre todas ellas, y aquí podéis ver el resultado de las otras 2. En mi experiencia esta genética no merece la pena, el riesgo de comprar semillas defectuosas es demasiado alto (2 de 3 en mi caso y la tercera a medias), 20 euros directamente tirados a la basura, y los otros 10... no han merecido la pena para mi, puedo encontrar genéticas mucho mejores y mucho más baratas.
8 months ago

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