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Girl Scout Cookies

Approved by FastBuds
3 years ago
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Grow medium
FastBuds - Girl Scout Cookies Auto (Cookies Auto)
Girl Scout Cookies Auto (Cookies Auto)

Growing it




Awesome Strain, looking at it past 8 week, you feel like looking huge beautiful mountains. This strain is very resistant to plagues. I had white flies and trips since day 0, i must say that this is the plant among other 4 of which i had to have read care. While i have to kill between 6~15 trips a daily from the other strains, cookies have many days that do not have a single one and other days i killed 2~4, also white flies only “egged? “There were 6 leafs, the other strains were full of them too. The smell from the 8 week is very powerfull, the Cookies are on a 4th floor outdoors, and in good days you can smell it from the street (4 floors down and up to 10 m front distance). —SPANISH — I'm in love with this genetics, when you stare at it from the eighth week you feel like you're looking at beautiful mountains. Cookies are very resistant to pests. I have had to fight against whitefly and thrips since day 0, I have to say that among the 4 floors that were on the terrace this is by far the most resistant to bugs among them. While in the other plants I have hunted 6~15 thrips per day, in Cookies there are many days that I have not found one and others that I have found of 2~4, also the whitefly has only laid eggs on about 6 leaves while the other plants were plagued. The smell from the eighth week is very powerful, being outdoors on a fourth floor, on a good day you can smell it perfectly from the street, 4 floors lower and about 10m horizontal distance.

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What's on the scales?
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80% Sativa
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Dry mouth

Maybe I used too much nutrients, next shoot I will go easier with nutrients to find a balance. I don't like the cap of this canisters, when you shake most of the (Advanced nutrients) canisters, many liquid went off trough the cap | Bud Ignitor: Incredible boosting Flora Start | Flawless Finish: From now on i will always use this Advanced Nutrients product. I'm in real love with this one | B-52: I have all my liquids on a wine refrigerator 15~20ºC. I must say that B-52 is the only liquid who makes strange things, i get crystalized in time (video watch). —SPANISH — Perhaps I have used a lot of nutrients, next time I will take it more calmly and try to find a simpler diet. I don't like the stoppers of these products, when you shake them the liquid comes out of the lid. | Bud Ignitor: Amazing to start flowering | Flawless Finish: from now on I will always use this product. I really loved this product | B-52: Having stored it in a wine bar with the other liquids, this is the only one that has done strange things, has crystallized some of the elements it brings and has left many stones. (see video)

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Good breakfast, good breakfast, good breakfast, good breakfast, good breakfast, good breakfast, good breakfast, good breakfast, good breakfast. I have nothing bad or good to say, just a good nutrient brand.

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Essential nº1 - It's a 10 over 10. Essential #1, this product has been, is and will be the best.

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Commented by Cogollo_eu Cogollo_eu

This Cookies have an awesome crystal concentration, aroma and color. Also the high is soo good. Incredibly compact and productive plant, 91g in /- 67 cm height, without any technique applied is awesome for me. next time i will try to be more productive with it. I'm in love with the Cookies :heart_eyes_cat:00

ROM101 week 10

Nice harvest:ok_hand:


@ROM101, thank you Romcash.

GreasyLuigi week 10

I like em Cookies!