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ILGM Super Auto Mix
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Blue Gelato 41 DWC trial run
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Gelato Mint
Growing it
Exotic Gelato Mint (from seed): 1 small plant, 18-19 inches tall max. Did not fill a 2x2 I was in a rush to get a sample and still pulled off just about 3 OZ of completely usable smoke, not the larf or garbage, true jar worthy bud. Grew short, stretched little. Demanded little. You have to run lean on nitrogen especially in flower. She doesn't need a high feed program. Branches are very strong. Trellis is not necessary. Bud density is middle of the road. They are still firm but the buds are larger, not small, tight and compact. I went 71 or 72 days from flip. The final product is not TOP shelf but it's def considered very good just not GREAT. I only say this because it doesn't check every single box with a high score. Looks are nice, but compared to some it's not as top shelf looking. Taste is nice Very lemony smelling and tasting + herbal, that is it. No dankness or skunk. I believe it has alot left on the table. First run, learning curve. Smelled amazing in flower. Effects are nice. It's an all day smoke with an old school stoney feel to it that's not real heavy for long but rather nice. Smoking a J is perfect the way this bud grinds up. It's also maintained some stickiness. I had few issues on a first run and 2nd run clones are growing so much faster and yes they can grow taller with time but they will bush out nicely with topping more so than growing north at first. At peak of veg where I have maxed out space. They are now getting to the height I need before flip. With the expectation that it won't stretch much however the clones are doing much better. I'm also running in organic amended soil of my own blend. It's going better than I could expect for my first organic run. These clones love it. 7/10 because it truly is enjoyable to smoke on with a flavor that's there but mellow and won't alert every person in the area. Happy with the first pheno found and I will run more but first to master this cut. It could be much better next round with more care and understanding. Each strain reacts differently to your watering, feeding and environment so that is always considered and adjustments are necessary to confirm quality. Thanks
2 months ago
Skunktek Sour Diesel
Growing it
Finally catching up to this grow. I had a few more clones that I ran after this and the results are what I'm showing, not this exact plant as I may have lost photos. Same exact cut though 2.5 Oz of smokeable bud I did not put any in a trim bin I removed them from the plant for smokeable buds only. I could have kept more beneath but I wasn't sure how well it would go beneath the canopy. This cut is a pain in the ass. It can't hold itself up for long in flower. The final smoke on this is decent it's just not amazing. I'm sad to say I removed the cut from circulation. It just doesn't cut it for me. I had issues too as a bad back got me down a while.
6 months ago
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Hey man, thanks for scoping out my Gorilla Glue Auto grow. It looks like all your girls are healthy and in flower. I know what you mean about the 1 gallon pots. This is my first auto flower grow as well. However, I was advised to put the germinated seeds right into the pots that they would remain in up to harvest rather than risk stunting them by transplanting. Like you said, it can be done carefully keeping your root ball all in tact. Really you might want to check with some of the other guys that know more about autos than I do, but to the best of my knowledge, and understanding, when you transplant them keep the whole 1 gal together, put enough of your substrate into the bigger pot to bring the base of your plant about an inch or so from the top of your pot, and don't pack the new soil to tight. Fill in the rest of the pot. When you water it may drop your soil level a little more, but it's nothing to add a little more if needed. Hopefully, as healthy as your girls are, it won't be to much of a shock, and they bounce right back giving your root system a lot more space. Some B-52, and/or Sensi Cal Mag Xtra always helps my girls make great recoveries. Hope this helps. Happy growing!☺️✌️
Thanks man!☺️ Your grows are really looking great!👍 Happy growing!✌️