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5 months
16 hours ago
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My 1st grow
17 weeks
My 1st grow h0m3b0y
Bubba’s Gift
6 days ago

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h0m3b0y Newbie
Bubba’s Gift
Growing it
After less than a week in the jars I decided I need to at least sample what I've grown. So I ground up 2 buds, filled my pax 3 and started to vape. This stuff is amazing for several reasons:
- At first all I noticed was the smell. Nice smell, unlike anything I've smoked/vaped before. Mostly fuity/citrusy, big difference from the hay/skunk smell I get from the stuff I buy
- The taste. There was actually a taste. I always thought that cannabis taste when smoking is more like the taste of wine (which is about the same from my viewpoint for most wines), but my goodness! This thing has taste! I actually felt like I had a bit of lemongrass to chew on in my mouth. An actual taste.
- Last but not least are the effects. It came on really slow, almost creeping up on me. I was just sitting on the couch and I could feel it slowly crawling through my body. At first the high was fully energetic, bordering on euphoric. Awesome feeling, which I never attributed to (mostly) Indica plants. After an hour or so relaxation started to kick in. It did not glue me to the couch, it just made me really really relaxed. And a bit hungry.

There was no harshness in the smoke, no excessive coughing. I'd say it was the most pleasant vaping experience physically. Psychologically it was also a blast. Not sure if it was the best smoke, but definitely one of the best.
6 days ago