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Apple Fritter Zamnesia SOIL
16 weeks
Apple Fritter Zamnesia SOILHippyHemulen
Zamnesia Seeds - Apple Fritter
6 months ago · 39 comments
Khalifa Genetics Persian Prince NFT
16 weeks
Khalifa Genetics Persian Prince NFTHippyHemulen
Khalifa Genetics - Persian Prince
a year ago · 28 comments
Barney's Farm Pineapple Chunk NFT
12 weeks
Barney's Farm Pineapple Chunk NFTHippyHemulen
Barney's Farm - Pineapple Chunk
2 years ago · 43 comments
Fastbuds Gorilla Zkittlez SOIL
17 weeks
Fastbuds Gorilla Zkittlez SOILHippyHemulen
Fast Buds - Gorilla Zkittlez Auto
9 months ago · 25 comments
Ganja Farmer Seeds Bubble OG Gum NFT
16 weeks
Ganja Farmer Seeds Bubble OG Gum NFTHippyHemulen
Ganja Farmer Seeds - Bubble OG Gum
2 years ago · 33 comments
Garlic Cookies Pure Instinto SOIL
17 weeks
Garlic Cookies Pure Instinto SOILHippyHemulen
Pure Instinto - Garlic Cookies
5 months ago · 51 comments
Tropical Tangie Dutch Passion NFT
16 weeks
Tropical Tangie Dutch Passion NFTHippyHemulen
Dutch Passion - Tropical Tangie
7 months ago · 40 comments

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Garlic Cookies
Growing it
Im overall to happy this strain and its fit mostly what description says. She was shorthest in tent and made less bud than others. Anyway she was real beauty lady, like someone commented like black pearl. Very dark purple almost black leafs with hint of green colors in buds and nice orange hairs. Smell is very loud and mostly that pungent spicy kush smell and it will noticed long way if you open jar. It taste almost same like it smell what is always plus thing. Very hard hitter first minutes and then going nice body relax stone and heavy doses it make little bit sleepy. My first organic run is finished now. Veg: - Reacted well to topping. - Easy to lst. - Short and bushy indica grow style. - Didnt stretch much after 12/12. Flower: - Buds was very thick and rock hard. - Started packing trichomes very early and was very nice amount trichs mid and late flowering. - Flower/leaf ratio was pretty good and was easy to trim. - Amazing colors purple mid flower and late flowering almost black. - Smell was most loud in tent at it was typical pungent spicy kush smell. - Harvested day 60 (after few pistils) Smoke: - Potency: 10/10. Hard hitter few minutes then going nice body stone relax, long lasting. Heavy doses it makes little bit sleepy. Very good evening smoke with gaming/movies. It give munchies. - Smell: 8.5/10. Very strong pungent spicy kush smell still after drying. - Taste: 9/10. Taste is almost same like smell but there is kinda some creamy garlic aftertaste and it keeps in mouth while. - Yield: 7/10. 39gr from 1 plant. New grow style and set so i only can give about points. - Bag appeal: 9/10. Hard rock nuggets, with dark purple/black colors, full of trichomes and loud smell.
5 months ago
Apple Fritter
Growing it
I think this lady is most beauty what ive seen in my tents at late flowering. I dont like taste and smell about this but thats only my opinion. Makes you cough pretty much too, not very smooth. It was my first organic grow and back to learning soil after many years only hydroing, Veg: - Reacted well to topping - Very hard to bend, pretty thick stems already in veg. - Prety wide indica style leafs. Flower: - Buds was average size and pretty hard and dense. - Flower/leaf ratio was decent. - Decent amount trichomes. - Colors was amazing, all fall colors appearing and purple leafs highlights buds nicely. So pretty. - Smell came pretty late and it was earthy, woody and nutty. Not my liking. - Harvested day 50 (after few pistils). Smoke: - Potency: 9/10. Very smooth body stone and you get feel when relaxing do i have limbs with some head high too but not much. Lasts pretty long time, good evening and night smoke. - Smell: 7.5/10. Earthy, woody, nuts. I dont like it much. - Taste: 6/10. Woody, nutty and little bit earthy. Makes you cough easy and not so smooth. - Yield: 7.5/10. 42gr from 1 plant. New grow style and set so i only can give about points. - Bag appeal: 8/10. Buds are pretty, hard and thick, packed with trichomes but opening bag smell isnt very loud and not for everyone liking.
6 months ago
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