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JohnnyBlaze Master
Forbidden Runtz Auto
Growing it
Hello everyone so finally can do a final review for this amazing Forbidden Runtz Auto from Fastbuds Cali line and this strain turned out very loud too .
Buds were incredibly rock hard and super sticky surely leaning towards the indica side for the compactness..
Flavour is one of the best i grew till now very fruity with tones of cream and sweet candy truly unique!!

Being a hybrid when smoking it you first feel a euphoric and talkative mood got me creative some times too..

After a little while you start to feel that sedative power kick in but not so strong to block me yes it can be both a day and night smoke with ease..
And this is everything for the smoke report my friends!!
1 day ago
JohnnyBlaze Master
Purple Punch Auto
Growing it
Hello everyone today is nearly 3 weeks that these nugs are curing in mason jars ans she is starting to be truly amazing to smoke all the terpenes are coming out and man this weed its the best i smoked in a long while and surely the best looking one and it doesn't look the same with this camera i have .. pics don't make her justice guys really hope soon will be able to afford a reflex camera to start making decent pics..
Her nugs are super dense hard as a rock and incredibly sticky and resinous , only a few times I've seen something like it can't actually believe i grew this..

The smell when you open the jar is sweet and creamy and it is very strong and i really love it...
When smoking it the smoke coming out your lungs its dense af and it is a really hard hitter not for novels i smoke from like 16-17 years now And this shit its makin me cough , the ashes are perfect too great job done by flawless finish to cleanse out the roots really smooth smoke..
The flavours you feel when smoking her nugs its very similiar to the aroma the first thing i feel its sweetness followoed by a creamy and earthy undertones that i am seriously enjoying and already nearly finished it all :grin::face_with_hand_over_mouth:..
The high is one of the best i experienced in years its a strong relaxing effect and like turns the brain in standby making me enjoy music which i really like .. after a while the sedative side comes up hitting you hard and very couchlocking..
So this strain satisfies me in every single aspect and now its one of my favourites if not the favourite in fact going mad to try and guess what it actually is..
And this is it for the bud report mt friends hope you enjoyed watching the diary and thanks to all of you that came by and showed love !!!
3 weeks ago
JohnnyBlaze Master
Runtz Auto
Growing it
So the buds on this plant were more sativa looking long Christmas tree shaped buds and she has been harvested when trichomes were 15% amber ..
Happy with the outcome large yielder but i did a mistake that for me lowered the quality of the final product and mistake was not cutting of enough lower branches wich resulted in loads of larf buds .. but hey still have 4 beans of this strain and will surely pop another one very soon..
So now the smoke report today its 2 weeks and a half that these buds are curing and now are already fully enjoyable..
So when smoking these buds u can surely feel a kushy and earthy flavours.. instead when smelling it its kinda fruity and earthy very interesting..

The high is surely hybrid type wich hits you both on body and head but not so strong (because of my mistake).
And this is all for the bud report my friends!!!
4 weeks ago

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Thanks man. Good to see you on board for the ride. Fantastic grows too! Will be looking a little closer when have more time.:v: