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JohnnyBlaze Master
Kosher Cake Auto
Growing it
Hello everyone finally making this smoke report on the Kosher Cake Auto!!

But i have lost most of the cured buds pictures just have the last 2 ..
So this time i fucked up a bit by leaving her get too amber and that resulted in lower thc content, taste was spoiled and that yellowish colour but still managed to kick my ass!!

Buds were super fat maybe the fattest buds i ever grew and they have a indica leaning shape fat and long shame i lost most of the pics!!
Taste was mostly earthy with some kush aromas and those pie undertones which i was truly enjoying at end flower true shame i fucked up.
The high was suuuper stoney as she was left too long she developed some serius amount of cbd and man just after 20 min you are puffing this you start feeling lazy and sleepy very good for night time and insomnia!!
And this is it things can't always go right so will plant another one of this very soon and do my best !!
Thanks for passing by and showing love hope you have a great day and wish you all happy growing!!
1 week ago
JohnnyBlaze Master
Wedding Glue Auto
Growing it
Hi everyone today its 3 weeks that these buds are curing and they are delicious!!
10 stars for this strain that i am truly loving one of the most resinous and loud smelling i ever grew!!
Buds have a true hybrid aspect they are long but not airy at all instead they are hard as a rock !!

Smell when opening the jar is just as described on Fastbuds site its like a candy vanilla odour truly amazing and when smoking she has loads of different terpenes i can feel sweet vanilla sometimes creamy and woody too truly enjoying this outstanding creation from Fastbuds!!
The buds are beautiful to look at with a thick white layer of resin and magenta colours on some buds!!

Only thing i wish it was more was the weight but thats ok will surely pop another one or two of these beans very soon this strain is amazing!
The high is a hybrid style too hitting you hard on the head for the first hour and then following with a light body stone so can be smoked during day but its just one of those strains suitable day and night!!!
And this is everything for this bud and smoke report will add some harvest notes down under..
Thanks for passing by and showing love hope you have a great day and wish you all happy growing!!!
3 weeks ago
JohnnyBlaze Master
Growing it
Wow this strain its absolute :fire: so nice i already smoked it all !!
Buds form where more on the indica type fat and super dense ..
When smoking these nugs you can easily feel her strong earthy notes with kushy and creamy undertones truly amazing flavour one of my favourites now!!

The high instead was more sativa for the first hour making you super euphoric and talkative and after a while you start feeling lazy and couchlocked so true hybrid when it comes to effects but still prefer to smoke at night cos if you smoke too much you get stupid!!

And this is everything for this amazing strain Thanks for passing by and showing love hope you have a great day and wish you all happy growing up!!!
4 weeks ago

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Thanks man. Good to see you on board for the ride. Fantastic grows too! Will be looking a little closer when have more time.:v:


@Nordynllc,man sorry just answering now as i just saw this post !! Thanks for the nice words and for passing by !! U got some monsters too !!
Anyway Happy Easter my friend!


Damn son! u got alot going on over there!!!!


@MrHightimes, yes and its getting crazy to feed them all because they are all different ages.. here unfortunately its hard to get some decent flower so i have to do it myself hope one day to move to the states..
Happy Easter my friend!!