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Sour Diesel Auto (Newbie Grow)

4 weeks ago
Room Type
FL (84W)
Vegetation Lights
FL (104W)
Flowering Lights

Growing it


Disease Resistance


This strain is incredibly hardy & resistant to less than favorable conditions. I grew it in an 18-oz Solo cup under 2 CFL bulbs with 20 watts of blurple LED as side lighting. No grow tent or box. No light timer. No bottled nutrients or fertilizers. And I still got an incredibly sticky, healthy (if small) plant out of the experiment. She never stank too strongly, which was great for stealth purposes. No bud rot, mildew or pests despite living in a humid & bug-infested climate. Total cost of grow equipment (including seeds): $68.71.

Sour Diesel Auto is a great choice for first-time growers who lack the money/space/experience to grow difficult strains at a professional level. I'm sure the results would've been even better if conditions had been optimal, but she was kept small on purpose for stealth reasons. This is the first cannabis plant I've ever grown to completion & it was a great strain choice.

The Outcome
What’s on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What’s on the scales?
Bud dry weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
104 watt
Total light power used
ounce /watt/plant
ounce /plant
Photos & Video
Tastes like
Feels like
70% Sativa
30% Indica

Have you noticed smth changed positively?


Just smoked some of this herb in my one-hitter & am feeling nice! I haven't smoked anything but CBD flower in over a year so I'm working with a clean slate. Haven't cured it much yet but the smell is still strong. And the effects aren't scary like some strains. Just clear-headedness & inspiration to get out & move! My heart isn't pounding, which is the norm for me with ANY amount of weed. It hits ya right behind the eyes, relieving pressure & triggering a mad case of munchies. I'm really amazed at the lack of anxiety. I have Asperger's & feel I could share a joint of this strain with friends without getting withdrawn & paranoid. :relieved:

Great daytime weed with a smooth Sativa effect. Smells mostly like pine now while it was more citrus-y when wet; surprisingly not much of a diesel scent with this pheno. Thick orange hairs & an abundance of silver frost covering aquamarine buds with sunset-colored sugar leaves. (The pics don't do it justice). My final yield of 4.0 grams was enough to fill up a mason jar which will last me 6 months at least. This strain is my ideal: uplifting without triggering anxiety & relaxing without drowsiness. Amazing functional weed. :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

This 1st grow has ignited a passion. Autoflowers are amazing & this strain was worth the time & effort. Can't wait to try growing some more varieties in bigger containers. Thanks for helping a newbie out, Grow Diaries! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

Grow Questions
Kaya666 week 3 started grow question 3 months ago
Why is my plant growing upward so slowly? Temp, light & water are fine. My last auto in a Solo cup was 3x this size by Week 3. I'm not transplanting & will be growing in this container (18 oz) the whole time. No nutes yet--only doing natural (urine fert later this week).
Plant Slow Growth
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ExperimentGREEN answered grow question 3 months ago true on all the thing they're mentioning. The one pic I see..the leaf almost look like its folding under and crisp, the soil looks loose and airy like its a tad it needs a drink. If you are determined to keep it in a small cup...then I would imagine its used up the available nutrients in the soil by week 3. At least a but of micro nutrient at the very least... Good luck with it I hope she perks up for you.
Kaya666 week 7 started grow question 2 months ago
I'm on Week 7 & more leaves are rapidly turning yellow. The stems are also a deep red/purple color on said yellow leaves. I plan on going until Week 11-12 with her but can't give nitrogen at this stage of flowering. Anything else I could try? Or is this normal? Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:
Leaves Lower Leaves / Older Growth Affected
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Flavoursuk answered grow question 2 months ago
You can try giving them a feed of epsom salts, cheap and some people use that alone throughout the whole grow with great results. I am a firm believer too. If heat is a problem, you can raise your lights slightly. Also, if you do have any P,K boosters I'd use them now. Hope this can help you.
DinafemSeeds week 11

Congratulations on a successful harvest my friend and enjoy that Dinafem goodness :)

All the best


Kaya666 week 11

Thank YOU for the awesome genetics! :clap::+1:

Bulbi week 11

what an experiment !


@Bulbi, - Sure was! Almost lost her a couple times. Next one will be a normal sized container grow, if only for my mental health. :yum:

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