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Dutch Passion

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Ohhhh and that dogggo in a bunny hoodie ??avatar is tooo perfect :face_with_monocle::v:
I thought i just explained to a pukkkydawg all about coco :shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::v: ... hey a fellow lazyass :shushing_face::mask::+1: , i also get called stingge-ass or bodgyjob as a one-two combo :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::face_with_monocle::face_with_hand_over_mouth::v:

Medical Cannabis Australia


Looking good :+1::mask:

May i ask what is the reason for using soils ? ..

i like the idea of keeping things organic :+1::mask:

Medical Cannabis Australia


The soil looks quality :mask::+1: , u can tell its not just a bunnings potting mix :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ..

Have u tried a decent coco+fabricpots ?

Its very clean ,low maitnence and stuff grows hard+fast in it :grin::v:, when its rocking u can feed twice a day if need be or heavy rootdrench to driptrays, i always feed past point of it running out bottom, then i use a wetvac after a few mins of runoff and just wetvacc the drip trays . Has a few quirks+tricks to using it tho at the start and with seedlings, but as ur dialed in on soil methods it prob be 100% sweetbeans :+1::face_with_monocle: feels like the luuushest soil mix that is 100% hydro, and inside with white carpet its clean. I dont even wash hands after digging around init, just wipe hands on pants .. gooone . It looks like dirt but isnt dirty to cleanup:face_with_hand_over_mouth::mask::v: ... i dump 99% of my 10litre fabricpot rootball into a 50litre and its basiclly broken down all the rootspaggetti in a few weeks/month , i watering can blast it with water a few times over next month or so, and then just try and let it dry out ,if i got a spare bit of nutes leftover from a feed i dump that in too, but not thaaat much just if i remember yaknow :thinking_face::v: its usually perfect moisture in time to be used again, i have two of these going, yeh i hear ya on measureing levels+fluids :-1::confounded::face_with_monocle::v: . to be fair i havent measured a level in 12mths :astonished::face_with_monocle: , lol might add a yearly ph test or somerhing to schedule tho, cuz it sounds bad :face_with_monocle::+1:, but im not a heavy mix feeder or additive shcedules at certain weeks, im usually erring on the side of few mls less than exact amount or overs, u can always feed again if mild and the plant enjoyed it, its a bit harder to unfeed strong nutes, and if things look happy and healthy, im fine with doing not much to them and just feed and look at the girls
first few weeks its about a halfstrength mix, once there liking it and the new conditions, up the strength. At most its about 25-35ml per 10-15 litres :face_with_monocle::+1: , lol i promise u i dont sell cococoir :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::beers:

My cloning station is areoponics and its fantackerristic ( official description :laughing::face_with_monocle::face_with_hand_over_mouth::+1:) .

Have agood one :v::mask: .
Happy australia day or yaknowwhathaveudouok

Medical Cannabis Australia


@Medical_Cannabis_Australia, I chose this grow style partly because I'm a lazy bugger. I would go nuts if I had to follow feed charts, mix nutrition solutions, measure EC, flush, and whatnot.
True, it takes a bit of work when you initially set up the system; get all ingredients and mix the soil, letting it mature, adding worms, and eventually plant cover crops. But that is pretty much it, and I have soil I can use for years to come with hardly any additional work or inputs.
I also went with this style due to sustainability. Manufacturing synthetic nutes and shipping those bottles use resources and create pollution, and eventually, those plastic bottles end up in the trash.
My final reason is that I want my plants to "eat" as well as I do because I will consume that cannabis in the end. Almost all of the food I buy and eat is organic, so it was only natural that my plants do the same. (That being said, the geek in me is utterly fascinated by hydro systems such as DWC.)
I'm NOT denigrating salt growers in any way. I'm only describing my reasons. There are a thousand different ways to grow this plant, and everyone finds their method and what works for them.


Thanks brother. I appreciate your like and comment. Your plants look bad ass man.


@Hoghunter, Thanks, man!


Liking your natural foliage in with your plants. Must be healthy soil!!


@sublimeness, Thank you :) Yeah, the key to growing in living soil is indeed to have healthy soil and a thriving ecosystem.