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Growing it
Despite the fact that she is the one that suffered the most from the lack of care she gave some nice dense main buds! Lost a good part of the yield but what's remaining is very enjoyable! Not the most sticky, the trichome coverage could be more dense, but definitely tasty! The levels of limonène are among the highest I grew! Just plain lemon/lime zest taste!!

The high is just what you would expect from a sativa, not too heavy, uplifting and energic! You definitively can plan on doing things, you will just find yourself in deep focusing while doing them! The high lasts quite a long time too, fading gently.

I'll have to give her another try in good growing conditions once.
3 years ago
Green Gelato
Growing it
Well well well... out of the four plants I somehow grown this winter she is the one that gave the more decent result in term of yield. She went through many negligences like a charm and even if the buds were quite smaller than expected due to under feeding they are dense, covered with trics and very flavorful!

Very nice response to training too btw.

She now had quite enough time to cure decently and wow!! The thc and terps levels are just insane!!! Very very sticky weed!! I'm very glad I don't have to use a grinder with her coz I see my buddys having a lot of troubles grinding her!! According to some of them she is one of the strongest they tried from me so far. And I can confirm she hits very hard when rising the vape temp over 180°C/356°F. A very nice home/evening/lazy vaping strain. Sends you high in the sky!!

So I really plan to grow her once more if I ever find the time to! She is beautiful, tasty and potent!! What do you want more?
3 years ago
Dr. Grinspoon
Growing it
Hi all!
So I finally have some figures for the Grinspoon! The yield is pretty correct despite the fact that she didn't grow in perfect conditions. I think she as been a bit overfed (mainly K) during all the flower phase witch locked N out.

Anyway this lady has one of the best flavor I have smelled on a plant yet!! Nothing like what I could try in AMS coffeeshops for sure (the only places where I could find it)!! Way way more fruity with rip apricot and peach aromas!!! The terpene levels are just so high I almost cough when inhaling the first low heat hits from the vaporiser!!!

And as usual the high is very cerebral and lasts for hours! If you need some deep introspection sessions this strain is for you!
I'll definitely find the time to grow her again, probably next year, and I'll do my best to give her the perfect conditions.

This strain will keep it's special place in my heart, I'm sure I have a special connection to it!
If you are lucky/fast enough to put your hands on Dr Grinspoon seeds just grow her, you won't be disappointed!!
3 years ago

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