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Royal Queen Seeds

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Royal Haze Automatic
Growing it
What a nice Haze!! If you are looking for a very citrusy strain this one is for you!

Despite the fact that the plant stays quite small she yield nicely if you spread her branches. Here I got almost 90g of frosty and tasty buds but you may definitely get more with better training!
Also I can say she is a tough plant as she went trough some deficiencies and some very hot climate resulting in a way off the charts VPD for some weeks. But at the end the harvest is very satisfying!
So I plan to grow her again with a more agressive training but it will be for next year.
4 weeks ago
Fat Banana
Growing it
Wow!! I'm very impressed by those tough ladies! They went through many issue and still finished super frosty and super smelly!

Can't wait to vape them!

Hope I can do a vape report by the end of the month but I'll probably cure them a bit longer than that before vaping them!

Vape test update!
At first I really wasn't impressed by this strain's smell straight after drying. Couldn't really notice that banana flavor. But once cured for more than a month now... WOOWOWOWOW!!!!
Every jar opening is a real blast!! Super intense tropical fruit smell!! Even too strong sometimes, just like when you receive a box of bananas still in their plastic bag for maturation and you open it! Then when you let a bud sit there a few moments you can feel the more fresh smell of a single ripe banana. Very very mouth watering.

As you can see in the pics this strains turns out to be very frosty, top of the list regarding trichome production!

So you can imagine how powerful the high can be... when I vape at high temps directly (around 180°C/356°F) without doing the first temp steps (I usually start at 140°C/280°F) I got hit in the face quite hard and my eyes instantly shut down!! Meanwhile my mouth is coated with intense fruit taste!

This strain is slowly but surely becoming one of the top I grew so far! Really enjoying it every day! But definitely not a daytime smoke unless you don't need to do many things...
Nailed it once again RQS!!
2 months ago
Royal Cookies Automatic
Growing it
Same statement than for the Gorilla... those new genetics are amazing! Super frosty and smells amazingly sweet, beautiful shape and easy to grow. I find Cookies even more disease and pest resistant than Gorilla.
I probably could have even fed her a bit more but the buds are already fat and dense!
Can't wait the end of the month to properly vape test her! Just vaped the trims for now and I can already tell you she is gonna be at/close to the top of my tasty strains list!
Cya in a few weeks!
4 weeks later:
WOOOOW!! I confirm! This strain is directly in the top 2 strains I have grown in terms of taste!! Amazingly sweet with some fruity touches and a then a creamy sweety ending! Wouldn't say it makes my think of cookies but really more of cookie dough! I'll still continue the curing but already after a month she is so delicious!

The high is not as intense as I would have expected, I bet the THC level doesn't meet what some growers can obtain with more controlled environment but still nice and happy.

And when you vape cookies, you might also eat cookies... she made me feel so hungry!
3 months ago