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Dutch Passion

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Monkeyface Newbie
Auto Duck
Growing it
Hello guys,
the harvest happened 2 weeks ago. I already smoked a few small buds but giving a opinion about that right now would give a bad representation. Only thing I will say, it's a strong/good high!
I got a enormous amount of seeds inside the buds. A few green but mostly nice looking seed with the brown/black tiger print. Guess I can go gorilla next year :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I have these seeds in my other plants to so the Duck:registered: is not hermaphrodite but somebody growing a male plant outside.

About the Auto Duck:registered:.
Growing it was absolutely not difficult, I have grown a plant before and this year I grow 2 other strains next to the Duck:registered:. The Duck:registered: didn't need much attention, sometimes a bit of water but nothing else. No fungus or any other problems.
Only negative is the yield, the plant stayed pretty short and the yield was not a lot. That the plant stayed short was because of the bad weather and of course that would effect the yield. So I got precisely 16 grams of dried weed out of this harvest.
Wanna read more about the taste and effect of the Duck:registered:? Read my message below!
2 years ago