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NexusDevil Apprentice
707 Headband
Growing it
Probably the best shroom strain I have grown in a long while.
2 months ago
NexusDevil Apprentice
Dos Si Dos 33
Growing it
Well even though one got sick the other lived and was very healthy up until the chop.

I cut the buds, left them to dry for two days then wet cured them for five days and let them dry for another three days before putting them in the jar.

The smell is like citrus, an orange or lemon scent with a faint odour of a dumpster. Not offensive but unusual for me.

The smoke is very smooth and quick hitting, the high is very relaxed, comfortable and easy with an overall clear head that lasts for around two hours. Absolutely perfect for long lasting pain treatment but can make you a bit sleepy. It does have a very pleasant afterglow as for the next two days I was completely pain free after one half bowl.

I like to use this stuff when I work out as you can push yourself further with no pain, no fatigue and no muscle aches after your workout.

Sampled this with three other friends on a high dose, I crumpled into a happy warm sludge, another friend passed out for two hours and had the best nights sleep in a long time and my other friend had a few puffs before disappearing for a couple of hours telling me he finally got it, not sure what "it" was but he did spend an hour eating a pizza smiling at the wall.

I am happy with the results and would recommend it highly to anyone who suffers persistent chronic pain as even on small doses it muted everything but did not make me feel numb.
5 months ago
NexusDevil Apprentice
Growing it
Everything was going so well until I hit the dreaded 4 weeks into flowering and got a nasty case of root rot, I did manage to fight it off for a while but it was a lesson learned and an early crop. But its still potent as balls even with the early chop!

I cut the crop and wet trimmed, I let it rest for 2 days then wet cured it for 5 days. If your a newbie like me I strongly advise wet curing for a small sacrifice of smell and "taste" you get a very potent smoke with all the crap like the oils, sugars and nutes removed, in just a week!

Before wet curing it smelt like mud with a very light herbal/chemical odor, it smelt faintly like a urinal cake...

The smoke itself was possibly the smoothest smoke I have ever had, and I have smoked many different strains and this was my absolute smoothest draw, silky, no coughing and I could hold it down as long as I want. By the time I smoked half the bowl I was already feeling it kicking in with pink glassy eyes. I did notice instant paranoia and felt like my neighbors were talking about me and that another neighbor was filming me, thinking back it was bizarre as it doesn't make much sense as to why they would do any of those things, they smoke even more than me. I only ever had paranoia before on skunk and silver haze, I think it had too much Sativa from the early crop.

The high itself was quite intense, my head was spinning into a different dimension whilst my body dissolved - it did have a very pleasant long lasting comedown stone, I found music and film to be too irritating at first and spent most of my evening starring into space in deep thought about the creation of the universe and other strangeness, I found that if I starred I saw open eyed visuals moving around the room like a roller coaster of neon colour and shapes, not actually unlike a very weak watered down Acid hit.

I really had not expected it to be so strong and it really knocked my head off on the first proper bowl I smoked, not enough for a whitey but damn close. Would make a good daily strain for experienced tokers.
6 months ago

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