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PeachaPie Apprentice
Auto Lennon
Growing it
This was my first time growing an auto flowering strain and I honestly didn't know much going forward but it definitely surpassed my expectations. Its a very unique breed, something like I've never tasted before and still packs a hard punch. So without stalling any further, here is my review!

Appearance:- 9/10
The plant from the start had a very sativa like growth structure. When it comes to buds, not rock hard but still tightly packed and covered with frost and beautiful amber colored pistils.

Aroma:- 10/10
Lennon has an aroma that is very distinct. Its not skunky and strong, but rather subtle and sophisticated with a whole lot of fragrances ranging from fresh lemon, vanilla, honey and slight notes of spearmint.

Smoke:- 7/10
This is something that I can judge only after a full 2 - 3 month cure, as of now (with a 5 day dry only) its smooth at start and tends to get slightly harsh on the exhale. I feel that this stuff will get excellent with age.

High:- 8/10
At first I had no idea what to make of the high from a joint I smoked. It starts of slow and gently knocks on your head and that keeps going on till you start feeling a little dizzy. From here its a complete cerebral high for the first hour and sinks in to a relaxed body stoned effect for the next two hours. It made me quite sleepy at the end of my trip and didn't turn me into a munchie fiend.

Yield:- 8/10
I'm satisfied with the amount of flowers it produced without giving it any training. About 166 grams wet weight and 41.8 grams of dry buds.

Growth:- 9/10
She had a considerably long vegetation period for an auto which I look for in outdoor grows. It responded will to the feeding cycle and showed only a few signs of stress. Quite hardy and I definitely recommend for outdoors.

This is a stain that you can smoke any time of the day and the extra week of flowering gave it everything it needs to keep the anxiety and paranoia away.
3 years ago
PeachaPie Apprentice
Deep Cheese
Growing it
It's a perfect mix of mind and body high, best to unwind and relax on a holiday morning. The trip lasts for about 3 hours and the feeling is smooth. The plant and buds turned out to be just like in the pictures shown by Dinafem.
4 years ago

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