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JKT48 Newbie
60 Day Lemon Autoflower
Growing it
As usual, I can't say if this is a night or day strain. It affects me like most other strains, in that it depends on what I do with it. If I then sit down on the couch, I'll just relax and won't be getting up anytime soon. But more often, I just get high and have short term memory losses and forget what I was doing. So no multitasking, but good on just doing single tasks. Cleaning/tidying up, writing reports, cooking, or even playing online chess. Chess on weed is interesting; forget an overall grand strategy, I treat it as puzzles where I just figure out the best move for any given position. For some reason I can "see" the board more clearly, I can see the different lines and the available attacks more easily.

The smell of this thing when dry is REALLY good. I swear it smells like grape bubble gum. Love it! But when it smokes, it just tastes like weed. It's a smooth smoke though, so there's that.
4 days ago
JKT48 Newbie
Green Crack
Growing it
The smell was initially largely herbal before it was dried. Eucalyptus comes to mind. Once dried, it really does smell like when you peel a mango, with the herbal/eucalyptus-y smell following very closely behind.

I can't say much about taste. I've never been one of those people who can tell different smell 'notes' while smoking, so I'm not gonna start making shit up. It smoked and tasted like weed. Solid, dense draw, but smooth as far as I'm concerned.

I really enjoy the high. I spontaneously wrote an entire essay while high; the ideas just came flooding. Mustn't lay down on a couch though, because if I do, I can't get up. I say that it might have a paranoia effect, just because I don't trust myself to behave normally around people when high, as I became seriously chatty, and focus/obsess over minute details. I'm pretty sure that's suspicious behavior.

During the last 2-3 weeks of flowering, it became apparent that it had phosphorus deficiency, as pointed out by the kind masters here in growdiaries. I upped the P using MKP (a typical bloom booster), but I don't know if it did anything. Maybe it stopped the progression, I don't know.

Also during the last half of the flowering, the pH swing was crazy. I'd pH the rez high to 6.5, and it would have dropped to 5.6 by the 2nd day. This plant was eating a lot. I need to figure out a better flowering nute for my next grows.
2 months ago