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StealthyDutchGuy Apprentice
White Widow
Growing it
Here's the thing. She started getting yellow spots (see my question on GD for this) and this went away after giving her PH'd water at about 6. Luckaly she picked up positively on this (I'm a noob) and during flowering she seemed quite happy again.

I don't know what I was doing wrong. BioBizz All grow with BB Grow in small amounts. I am thinking the cold nights didn't do her good, but last year I didn't get these problems with different strains (including a White Label NL).
I will do an update on effect and taste afterwards.
4 days ago
StealthyDutchGuy Apprentice
Super Lemon Haze
Growing it
I got old seeds, one of the 3 popped. Had to help her get rid of the shell. She grew super slow the first few weeks. Last 8 weeks she seemed happy and grew a bit faster. Too bad the weather was super rainy and cold. The brown trichomes surprised me as the speed the brown trichomes were coming.
One thing I noticed was that all the trichomes on the plant were equally developed. So I could harvest the whole plant at once, which is nice.
Another cool thing I noted was that the pistels of the most upper buds were quite white, while the lower pistels were allready brownish! Compared to the auto’s I grew which had the opposite.
Conditions for this plant were quite miserable and I think that when weather was better she would have produced thicker and smellier buds. Curious for the results.
I put her under a small roof to protect her from the rain as I think she might have lower resistance to bud-rot than, say, Indica’s. But I’m just a noob, so take a grain of salt with this…:grin:

Vape report! 3-12-2019

So here’s the vape report. Taste is awesome! Wow, yep, that’s lemon indeed. Kind of like a blend between fresh lemon and a overripe lemon. Because the buds are so fluffy I can only take 3 hits from my Dynavap. If I heat it for the 4th time it’s so dry it starts combusting. The buds are at a RH of 62% by the way.
The effect is uplifting and it gives you a kind of ‘I feel good’ vibe. I don’t know if I’m insensitive to Sativa’s but that’s the main part of the effect. If I vape more of it a very light body high occurs. To be honest, this is not my cup of tea, accept for the taste. By growing this strain I’m thinking: Hmm, maybe a Blueberry strain would also be nice….. Maybe next season! Thanks for following and checking my diary! :kissing_heart:

The dry weight is without the stems.

Update 3th of May 2020
O.k. So first I wasn't really fond of the effects. These buds aren't as powerfull in effect as for example the Hindu Kush. But if I vape just a little more than I'm used to, my IBS issues flow away!

This is super amusing. I spent hours and hours on Leafly to find strains that could help. Than the strain that I got as a freebie works best. I seriously would never choose this strain with the knowledge I had at that time. Glad I got those free seeds. I will try to grow Blue dream somewhere at the end of summer. I think Blue Dream is also a Haze Pheno?! Anyway, I still got enough SLH, maybe I'll find a strain with similar effects.

Almost forgot. This strain is also amazing for muscle relaxation. And it is considered to be a Sativa dom strain. If I compare it to the HIndu Kush effect, I like the SLH more. HK is also nice, but if you just take one puff extra the body high can be really intense and it will keep me up when I want to sleep. The HK is less muscle relaxing but more of a body buzz.

If you're still there?! :grin:I'll end this ramble about effects.... Cheers!
9 months ago
StealthyDutchGuy Apprentice
Hindu Kush
Growing it
Also a first strain I grew along with the Dinamed CBD Auto and Norhtern Lights Auto (White Label). She had a very slow start, I think because it was an old seed. The other 2 didn't germinate. I would say that after week 8 she really picked up speed and grew bigger than I have expected.
The buds are the thickest of the 3 strains. Smell is Superb, love it. It's lemony piney. Very curious how she will taste and her effect.
12 months ago

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