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Yumbolt x Banana
Growing it
Yumbolt x Banana grew like a heavy indica, very short in stature and incredibly bushy. She needed a proper defoliation, however me easing myself back into growing made me think to let her bush out a little with a light defoliation - this, I am convinced, lowered the yield potential.
Lesson learnt to go with my gut next time.

Very nice strain, however very prone to foxtailing. Out of all four, she perhaps foxtailed the worst, however the end result is still rather nice. There is a sweet hazy banana taste on the inhale, with a spicy banana/fruit taste on the exhale. It's rather relaxing, however not sleepy. I think the best way I can describe it, is rather than relaxed it makes me 'calm'. Anxiety is removed almost immediately, and negative thoughts find incredible difficulty in even approaching my mindstate. It's a great smoke, both tasty and perfect for a weekend or winding down in the evening.

She grew VERY short though, with an absolutely minimal stretch. This is something that should be taken into account when growing, as I had to place something under the pot just to raise her a bit.
2 months ago
Great strain, and the high is nice like Cheese. The only gripe I have is the terpenes, they are cheesy however it feels watered down compared to the Cheese I remember. By description it's stated that Exodus was used, however I have great doubts that the Original UK Exodus Cut was used, and instead it tastes and smells more like Sensi Seeds version of Skunk #1 (which is nothing like the proper Skunk that has been used for breeding).

I do like the strain itself though. There's an incredibly similar high to the Cheese from back in the day, and overall it's not bad at all. The resin content matched what I expected, and during the grow just a light brush of my arm against a nug made my arm glisten with sticky resin.
If you like Cheese you can't go wrong with this, however if you want more of a pungent 'cheesiness' I'd look elsewhere. They could definitely work on the pungent aroma a bit more.
2 months ago
King's Kush CBD
Growing it
So I bought King's Kush CBD, via Attitude, and I am almost convinced this is not what I received.

The strain grew like a heavy sativa, which was evident throughout this diary, which was the first indicator. The end result is a lot like a very old school Sativa; very hairy, yet incredibly sticky and resinous. Not to mention I highly doubt the CBD is as high as it states, as well as the THC content being as low as they state (up to 10% on both).

The high is incredibly cerebral, and strong. Very potent and reminds me a lot of the old sativas from 10-15+ years ago in the high itself. This is nice, and I do seem to not mind it, however I would not buy anything from GreenHouse Seeds again. This was a nice strain that grew incredibly well, however it is NOT what was advertised and I doubt this could be even called a phenotype: it's an entirely different strain by the looks of it.
After buying KIng's Kush seeds many years ago and having none out of 4 germinate, I'm not ready to take a third strike.
2 months ago

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