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Interview with MASTER GROWER Tripaholic88

Added 20 June 2017


What is up, Family!

Please welcome, @Tripaholic88, THE MASTER GROWER! 

19 Diaries down, 5 times 'Diary of the Month' contest winner, one of the most involved members of our community! We have asked @Tripaholic88 some question to find out what this guy is like in real life :) Read now what he says!

Q: Tell us about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do, what are your hobbies besides growing?

A: I’m from the USA. I'm a full time father and own my own business and started growing as a hobby/project. Other hobbies i enjoy are fishing and almost anything outdoors.


Q: When did you start growing weed?

A. i started growing on march 17th of 2016 i believe it was


Q: Why did you start doing it?

A: i started growing because i don't like to have to pay someone else for what i could potentially do for myself. I try to be as self sufficient as possible.


Q: How long have you been doing it for?

A. 15 months total now only ever growing Autoflowers until just 45 days ago or so i just started my 1st Photoperiod Plant, a Barney's Farm Critical Kush.


Q: Do your close ones know you grow weed? And if yes, what do they think about it?

A: Yes my immediate family know i grow and they also smoke so it’s not an awkward situation. They enjoy watching them grow and smelling all the different terpenes and such so it makes me happy to be able to share this with them.


Q: What's your favorite strain ever?

A: My favorite strain ever has to be the Real Cinderella 99 that i smoked back in 2003 i believe it was when i was young and it just amazed me with her tropical fruit smell and she was so sticky we had to cut up the buds with scissors in a shot glass because it was so sticky. After smoking this strain i just fell in love with this plant.


Q: What do you think about autoflowering? Why do people still hate on it?

A: I started growing Autos so i cant really compare to photoperiod plants but like i said earlier i am growing a photoperiod right now and they are kinda boring compared to Autoflowers, i mean from an autos 1st day above soil to harvest is usually only 65-85 days and thats how long some photos FLOWER for let alone the time it takes to veg. I have grown a 7.2 oz auto in 80 days i think it was and its fully documented and on Short Stuff seeds website for their Super Cali Haze x Amnesia. I kind of understand peoples frustration with autos because if you mess up in the grow it can hurt your yield depending how fast you can diagnose the problem and fix it. i have turned some grows around and they finish nicely even with a lockout problem. it is to my understanding that Autogenetics are getting right up there with photoperiod potency and everything and thats undeniable when Mephisto has a sample of their Alien Vs. Triangle testing at 25% THC...


Q: How many plants do you have growing at the moment?

A: I currently have 8 autos and 1 photoperiod and 2 photoperiods i just started 2 weeks ago so that would be 11 plants total and they keep me busy!!!


Q: Would you ever consider growing weed legally?

A: Yes, I'm actually moving in that direction. i just want to make sure that i have all my affairs in order to make that happen. My ultimate goal is to become a head gardener of a grow facility or something of that nature and I'm fully prepared to start at the bottom and work my way up.


Q: What's an average fair price for a gram, in your opinion?

A: I think a fair price these days is $10 a gram but i smoke so much i would need it to be like $2 a gram haha


Q: How does it feel to be a Master Grower? 

A: It's an honor to be considered a master grower


Q: Who are those growers on the website that have helped you the most?

A: @TaNg was my initial inspiration to start growing Autoflowers. I stumbled across his youtube one day and seen what he was growing in 65-75 days and i became hooked on growing. I haven't talked too much to him though he is a very nice guy anytime i have talked to him. The other grower who has really helped me the most in my actual growing would be @the_Elvis. Him and I have developed a great friendship over these 15 months and he has helped me so many times in my grows when i was brand new to growing.


Q. Why GrowDiaries?

A. I was referred to Grow Diaries by @the_Elvis and after checking it out and liking the way it is i decided to become a member.


Q: Any final words?

A. I would just like to thank GrowDiaries and all the Sponsors that have donated prizes on site, You all are top notch and i look forward to seeing what is in Grow Diaries future..... Peace And Love, Trip



Good luck on your projects @Tripaholic88! We are so happy to have you here with us! Growers, congratulate your fellow in the comments below and Grow with us!

Peace And Love x 2,

Trip and GrowDiaries




The problem with Autoflowering is that you need an army of plants to fill up lights coverage to get an average of 500/600 gr/m2 :blush:. Growing cannabis is magic :wink:

Breeders must have done a lot of work to lock down ruderalis traits into the genetic mapping of these hybrids , Gregor Mendel would have been proud of them :clap::clap::clap:

Well done Trip , you're doing a good job with Autoflowering :+1:


Nice one bro :+1:


Congrats homie!! :ok_hand::facepunch:


Well after i saw you diaries i give a try agian for autos, and i didnt got disapointed by this ones (they were an unstable genetic but they did well). I loking foward to see the resunts in you first photoperiodic.

Keep the great work XD.


:pray::pray:thanks everyone!:pray::pray:


I wish you success in all your plans!




:clap: autoflowers rock! Congrats! :facepunch:


keep it up trip! i love watching your autos grow. i'm actually starting some autos when mephisto drops their next illuminautos next week.


Congratulations @Tripaholic88 nice to know a bit more about you ;)


thanks for reading @bobo420,

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