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LOVE Interview with Tryhard and MISS_TRYHARD

Hello Growers,

Almost all of you know (or heard of) a member of our community, amazing grower and Grand Master @Tryhard. As his popularity continues, he's being spotted more frequently with a lady called MISS_TRYHARD. Who is she? A fan? The light of his life? :D

GrowDiaries conducted an investigation. Even though the Saint Valentine's Day is long gone, we still reached out to the growers and asked them a couple of very personal questions :) Please find the interview below!


GD: Hey lovely people! How are you doing today? Ready to share your love story with GD?

MISS_TRYHARD: Yeah nice to give a little back story to me and try

Tryhard: Be my pleasure to share a little bit about us with you guys


GD: How did you guys meet? Was it love at first sight?

MISS_TRYHARD: I wouldn’t say love at first sight but there was a spark ...try’s mum and mine knew each other for a long time so I knew his mum well but try lived with his dad so I never met him till I was 17 when I went round to his mums and he was there that’s when he asked his mum who I was once I left lol then a few days later I had a knock on my door asking if I wanted to go for a drink as he was age 18 and legal to drink and I wasn’t we decided to go for a meal in stead and have been inseparable since

Tryhard: There was definitely a attraction yes I was at my mums when I first seen miss try and the first thing I noticed was her bright blue eyes and long brown hair I just thought she was fire haha so after she left I asked my mum was she KNOWN around are area as my mum wasn’t one to hold back what she thought of the girls from where we lived and she said no she’s a lovely girl she takes care of her brothers and sister a lot so a few days later I knocked on her door and asked her for a drink but she said she said she didn’t drink so we went for a meal and from then on we have never been apart


GD: Were you both growers when you met or it started later on in your relationship?

MISS_TRYHARD: Even thou we both had been around growers and was well in to the green scene we didn’t start growing together until later in our relationship we started growing by chance really as my brother left his growing equipment at out place he wasn’t using it so try started reading up on it and we decided to give it ago as we was spending enough money on weed seemed sensible to grow our own and that’s when it became a passion for try and my self more try thou lol

Tryhard: We started later as my brother in law had asked could he leave some stuff at ours for a few day witch turned in to a few weeks so we talked and decided to give it ago so I started reading up on how to grow and it just became a passion for me I love weed and I love to grow my own we can grow better weed than what we can buy so all round was a win win


GD: Do you compete with each other?

MISS_TRYHARD: No competition I’m the best

Tryhard: We don’t normally as we use to grow the same strain but now miss try wants to do her own strains so she is definitely competing even if she says she isn’t lol


GD: What’s your favourite love strain?

MISS_TRYHARD: All weed is a love strain but my favourite strain to grow is definitely blue cheese try’s is definitely stardawg

Tryhard: I think all weed is a love strains it just calms everyone down and chills everyone out most of the time but my favourite strain is stardawg and miss try’s is blue cheese is it’s done right that is lol


GD: Why is Tryhard scared of flying? Is there a story?

Tryhard: My fear of flying is just a fear of heights really if my feet ain’t firmly on the ground I’m not doing it haha as it all comes from falling off the top of a building when I was 5 ever since been terrified of heights

MISS_TRYHARD: Not one I think I could tell he would kill me. He is just scared of heights his favourite film is parole officer and there’s a rollercoaster scene that is a helicopter view and his heart sinks lol it all stems from when he was 5 and he got stuck on the top of a building and while he was trying to get down he fell from quite a height and ever since he has been terrified of heights or anything when his feet aren’t firmly on the ground lol


GD: How do you guys spend a regular day?

Tyhard: We get up with our daughter get her ready for school sort our ladies out see family that’s about it really.

MISS_TRYHARD: Firstly it’s up at 7 give my daughter her breakfast then lights on for the ladies then school run home clean up breakfast for us then normally we will either get a visit from at least one family member or we will go visit family then home pick my daughter up from school home meal lights out for the ladies bath and bed lol


GD: Kids?

MISS_TRYHARD: We have 1 at the moment we do plan to have more we have a daughter who is 7 she is our world she makes us so proud 

Tyhard: We definitely have plans to have more kids we have our pride and joy for now thou but hopefully a boy is on the cards in the future.


GD: MISS_TRYHARD, why Tryhard?

MISS_TRYHARD: Because my standards was low at the time. No I’m only joking there was definitely a connection from the beginning and it just grew from there we had similar upbringings similar interest we just had a lot in common but I couldn’t of fell I love with a more caring big hearted loving person he really is my soul mate he is the ying to my yang WOW soppy alert lol

Tryhard: Because I was the best looking guy she had ever seen of course I’m 10/10 lol


GD: Do you know of any other couple here on GD?

MISS_TRYHARD: None that I know of but I do see more 420 girls joining the site so hopefully we will have more couples joining soon

Tryhard: I don’t unfortunately but hope to see more join in the future.


GD: Any final words?

MISS_TRYHARD: I just like to say a massive thank you to everyone at GD for bringing this amazing site together it’s such good place for us to document are grows and be able to learn from others and see others grows to be able to ask advice and get help is any problems arise so thanks for that and keep it up GD

Tryhard:  would just like to says massive thanks to you all at gd for this site it is such a good place to learn from and a massive shout to @biggreens420, @Bubba_green @fire_farmer and @BigDaddyK for representing the uk

You go, love people! GD wishes you many more babies and is looking forward to seeing new generation of Tryhards on the website :)

Did you like the story? Who should we interview next? Let us know in the comments below.



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Loved the interview. Front the comments iโ€™m glad itโ€™s got just me that enjoys growing and does it for their other half :grinning:.


Representing the UK!!!


Lol nice interview guys about time @Tryhard_grower u 2 always crack me up


Great interview guys! This profile is being used by a couple, maybe we should make them separate?!


@JChronthumb, we both have separate accounts mine is miss_tryhard and my other half is @tryhard :relaxed:


Great @Tryhard_grower & @MISS_TRYHARD !!! :clap::skin-tone-2::clap::skin-tone-2::clap::skin-tone-2: Nice to know you guys a bit! Happy growing! Cheers!


Great interview @Tryhard_grower & @MISS_TRYHARD ;) Funny people, love to see growing in the family ;)


@bobo420,nice one has this notification come through i was on your diary checking it out


@Tryhard_grower ;) I love reading these, you get to know a bit more about the folks growing, it's nice


@bobo420,i know i love reading these im really interested in barns story what does he do lol


Nice to meet you two! Cheers to the funniest and kindest couple on GD (at least for the moment... :grin: )! Keep up the good work @Tryhard_grower and @MISS_TRYHARD !




Great interview peeps , community needs more people like yourselves :+1:


I've been reading the interview again, and I remembered that it addresses quite interesting subjects.
I am also a father, I have a 3-year-old boy and I also plant, but only myself :-)
Here in my country it is illegal to grow but, the mentality is gradually changing :-)
I remembered to write because I wanted to know your opinion on how to change the social attitude of self-cultivation, without being in the medicinal direction and away from the ever-increasing cannabis industry, such as creating a social acceptance of cannabis. ..
Does it begin with us parents and then for our children?
Will the most critical society see in these families a normality in which cannabis will be a subject like bottles of wine, or wisky or juice or tomatoes ... whatever ...
is a simple or simplistic thought of the question of self-cultivation of cannabis ... but that's what this interview told me ... simplicity, family and freedom!
Because as GD is a perfect place for this kind of dialogue I leave the question to everybody ...
Good crops !!
Nice vibes @Tryhard_grower and @MISS_TRYHARD :-D