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Top 10 Cheap Cannabis Seeds

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JoshuaHolt JoshuaHolt
Added 28 December 2020

Top 10 Cheap Cannabis Strains


Feminized seeds are the way to go for many growers these days, but unfortunately they can often get expensive. When you're just starting out, it can be a wise idea to try your growing skills without the risk of losing too much money. The good thing is, being on a budget doesn't mean you can't grow top quality cannabis. This article presents 10 top strains you can pick up for cheap.

Why Choose Cheap Seeds?

What Classifies as Cheap Cannabis Seeds

Starting a grow can get quite expensive, especially when it comes to the seeds you choose. First-timers may opt for cheap seeds to avoid potentially wasting money when they are still learning to grow. 

Cheap seeds may not produce as high of a quality product, but they certainly can help you achieve acceptable harvests of decent cannabis. 

When it comes to buying seeds for growing, there are 3 types to choose from. Regular seeds tend to be the cheapest because around 50% end up being 'undesirable' males. Autoflowers and feminized seeds can have a high price tag due to the process behind producing them. Most indoor growers choose autoflowers or feminized seeds to know they will only harvest bud (and lots more of it), save on space, and to ensure no males appear.

Special Queen 1 - Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds has a few very nicely priced seeds amongst their selection. Special Queen 1 is one of their cheapest feminized options and produces tasty results even for being so. Compared to other seeds which commonly reach over 10€, it is safe to say this lady won't burn such a big hole in your wallet. They also offer a 10 seed pack which brings the price down to 3€ per seed.

Special Queen 1 is an ideal strain for beginners and 'is very easy to grow'. She needs around 8 - 9 weeks of flowering and will produce a good level of potency of up to 18% of THC.

White Skunk - White Label

White Skunk by White Label is a 65% indica / 35% sativa strain, that offers great yields. It produces low-maintenance feminized plants, great for the beginning grower and those on a budget. The citrus flavor and relaxing, yet stimulating effect are other key features of this strain.

In pots, they don't reach their real size because when grown outdoors it's very realistic these girls will be able to reach over two meters.

Royal Dwarf (Auto) - Royal Queen Seeds

Another economically-friendly strain from Royal Queen Seeds, but this time we have an Indica dominant autoflower that goes by the name Royal Dwarf. At only 6€ for one seed, this small, compact, skunky genetic can deliver harvests of 200g/m2 under ideal indoor conditions.

Namlah has just finished his first 'low effort' grow using Royal Dwarf seeds, achieving nearly 100g of wet weight with a basic indoor setup using soil. Good job Namlah, keep it up! Show some support by visiting his diary and leaving a comment.

Super OG Kush - Pyramid Seeds

Super OG Kush - Pyramid Seeds

Pyramid Seeds makes the list again with Super OG Kush at an attractive price of 7€ per feminized seed. All of their seeds are under 10€ with packs of up to 100 seeds that shave a large amount off the final price. Feel free to explore the strains they have available as they could all suit a grower on a budget.

Pyramid Seeds also provides an autoflowering Super OG Kush, which has been favored amongst the GrowDiaries community. At a slightly cheaper price than the feminized photoperiods, an autoflowering Super OG Kush seed can be bought for 6€ a piece.

Space Cookies - Paradise Seeds

Space Cookies Paradise Seeds

Space Cookies is a well-balanced indica/sativa hybrid with a hint of the classic Girl Scout Cookies genetic. Although Paradise Seeds offers single seeds of Space Cookies at 7€ each, which is well worth the price for the sticky, dense buds it can yield. Grows bushy and handles stress training well. 

Space Cookies is a strain suited to all levels of growing due to its robustness and ability to deal with 'mistakes'. JinksyGrows won GrowDiaries Diary Of The Month September 2020 with an extremely successful harvest by applying LST/HST to Space Cookies, yielding over 80 grams from one stunning plant.

Sapphire OG - Humboldt Seeds

Sapphire OG is a hardy plant with 'very stable' genetics. Produced by cup-winning Humboldt Seeds, Sapphire OG delivers a range of intense, citrusy, piney flavors that are typical of a high-quality Kush strain.

This feminized, Indica dominant hybrid unfortunately only comes in a pack of 3 but produces top-quality weed that will likely make you want to grow it again and again. This is certainly the case for MELS_Garden, who has recently grown it for the third time consecutively.

Banana Blaze - Dutch Passion

Banana Blaze - Dutch Passion

Banana Blaze by Dutch Passion keeps costs down without sacrificing too much in terms of yield. Potency is low, however, at up to 15% THC. That is not to say Banana Blaze is not a wonderful smoke, and according to Trichsteppin from GrowDiaries, is a 'very good strain easy to grow and big yielder'.

Dutch Passion also provides an autoflowering variety of Banana Blaze for those looking to grow cheap plants in a shorter space of time. It seems to be becoming a popular choice for its fruity flowers. Have a look for yourself at the growing number of diaries posted about Banana Blaze to see if this cheap and cheerful strain might be for you!

C4 Auto - Fast Buds

C4 Auto - Fast Buds

As far as high-quality autoflowering varieties go, Fast Buds has quickly gained recognition for being a top seed producer in the field. C4 Auto (also known as C4 Matic) is one of their low-cost seeds available at the moment, which also include a few others at 9€ per seed.

With the right techniques and conditions, C4 Auto can yield delicious, fruity harvests of purple/pink bud in under 10 weeks. Fast Buds recommends growing it in a 12 liter pot under a powerful light with decent nutrients. Why not have a quick gaze at its purple prettiness?

Kush N' Cheese - Dinafem

A kushy, cheesy plant bred by Dinafem Seeds, Kush N' Cheese takes a spot for being under the 10€ threshold. This lovely lady displays a diverse terpene profile that fills the nose with diesel, pine, and citrus-like aromas. Flowers are resinous and purple hues can emerge.

Browse GrowDiaries user Canadian's diary for a peek at the possibilities of growing Kush N' Cheese. Stated as an extremely stinky, easy to grow strain with 'a very powerful kick'. The final yield reached around 90 grams of dry weight from one plant, and the reviews positive. Here's the diary if you're interested to check it out:

Shiskaberry - Barney's Farm

Shiskaberry - Barney's Farm

Shishkaberry by Barney's Farm is the cheapest feminized seed available in their selection from the newer releases over the recent years. As a 100% Indica strain, expect a potent body high from these aromatic, berry-like buds.

Although not seen too often on GrowDiaries, Shishkaberry indeed has some room to grow. We can see the first diary came from user EhlersChick, who had a smooth cycle and managed to yield over 100 grams of dry weight per plant. Mesmerizing purple/blue colours emerged from a 'lowered night time temperature'. Very thorough diary with some interesting post processing practices. See below:


If you're still looking for cheaper seeds, why not obtains some regular genetics and start producing your own? Creating seeds at home is easy using just a male and female plant so you can always start with some cheap seeds and breed them until you have hundreds to keep you going.

Data sheet for the listed strains:

StrainSativa/IndicaFlowering (Days)THC (approx  %)Price of Single Seed (€)
Special Queen 1 ( RQS )50/508 - 9 weeks18%4.5€ (or 10 for 30€)
White Skunk - White Label35/657 - 9 weeksup to 20%5.5€ (or 5 for 22€)
Royal Dwarf Auto (RQS)10/60 + 30 Ruderalis70 Days (from seed)13%6€ (or 10 for 45€)
Super OG Kush (Pyramid Seeds)80/2056 - 63 Days20%7€ (or 5 for 30€)
Space Cookies (Paradise Seeds)40/6063 - 70 Days18 - 22%7€ (or 10 for 55€)
Sapphire OG (Humboldt Seeds)15/8556 - 63 Days18 - 24%8€ (3 for 24€)
Banana Blaze (Dutch Passion)Mostly Indica56 Days10 - 15%7.95€ (or 10 for 35€)
C4 Auto (Fast Buds)55/4563 - 70 Days (from seed)20%9€ (or 10 for 70€)
Kush N' Cheese (Dinafem)60/4055 - 60 Days12 - 16%9€ (or 10 for 69€)
Shishkaberry (Barney's Farm)0/10050 - 55 Days20%9.50€ (or 10 for 78€)

If you have any awesome strains you would like to share, why not drop a comment down below? Happy Growing!

This article was updated April 2021.


Bulkhead does offer even cheaper seeds - my experiences are great!