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Top 10 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains for 2021

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Added 25 August 2020

Top 10 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains for 2020

Coming to the end of a grow and harvesting monster amounts of fresh cannabis is a delight for any farmer. After months of hard work, getting your well cured bud finally on the scales should be a rewarding experience. We've selected some easy-to-grow, high yielding cannabis strains of 2021 so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour even more.

High yields are a top priority for a lot of commercial growers these days. Cannabis will keep getting more efficient as long as breeders continue to combine genetics to create stronger strains. Potency of cannabis has reached sky high levels and yields have been improving significantly, so there is always something new waiting around the corner.

Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains

Strawberry Lemonade - Barney's Farm (700g/m2)

First up is the scrumptious Strawberry Lemonade from Barney's Farm. This Sativa dominant genetic is the product of a cross between Lemon OG and Strawberry, and is bursting with earthy terpenes that shine through like real strawberries and lemons. With THC levels up at around 20%, this strain will send anyone into a refreshing paradise of relaxation with a uplifting twist.

A perfect choice for outdoor growing, Strawberry Lemonade can grow extremely tall and can produce up to a staggering 2500g per plant. As an indoor cultivar it still manages to compete with other top yielders in this category, pushing a satisfying 700g/m2 in under 70 days flowering.

Green Gelato - Royal Queen Seeds (up to 700g/m2)

Green Gelato from Royal Queen Seeds

These feminized seeds from RQS are a treat for any 'cannaisseur'. Created out of the San Francisco area, Green Gelato is a hybrid mix of two delicious parents, the Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. The sweet, citrusy aromas mixed with hints of minty orange and cookies and cream stick to the pallet like no other weed you've tried before.

Green Gelato ticks all the boxes when it comes to yield, potency and flavour. Grown under the right conditions and this female could give you harvests of 500 - 700g/m2 indoors, and 800g per plant outdoors. As if that wasn't enough, THC content reaches mega heights at 27% and will smack you in the face with a clean, physical high.

Feel free to visit DaisyNabis's diary for a more in-depth look at how Green Gelato can perform in soil under indoor conditions. Said to deliver 'an explosion of fresh and fresh flavors as if you were eating a delicious dessert'.

Pure AK - Female Seeds (600g/m2)

Pure AK was bred from Skunk genetics and is a powerful hybrid that has similarities to the famous AK strains. Leaving it in vegging for slightly longer than usual will result in huge plants covered in dense, sticky buds. Flavours range between tones of spice and earthiness combined with fruity berries.

Although not suited to the outdoor, Pure AK thrives well indoors and you'll have a decent 600g/m2 to chop at the end of your grow. Flowering can be completed in less than 8 weeks, which makes it a fair producer for the amount of time spent growing.

Orange Sherbert Auto - Fast Buds (up to 650g/m2)

Another fantastic Sativa dominant auto hybrid worth mentioning is the Orange Sherbet Auto from Fast Buds. This super citrusy sherbert lady tastes amazing, and has impressive yields of 500 - 650g/m2 making it great for production purposes. Not only that, THC is at 24% so the effect is just as satisfactory.

Orange Sherbert Auto grows fast and tall, bushing out as flowers develop, so a big enough space is recommended. Seed to harvest takes around 9 - 10 weeks with little maintenance, meaning it is suited to all levels of growing. For an autoflower it is a very productive plant so is definitely one not to be missed if you are looking for big yields.

Industrial Plant - Dinafem (625g/m2)

Industrial Plant from Dinafem

Dinafem have been around for 15 years and produce some of the best strains on the market. Industrial Plant (Afghan x Thai) gets its name for being mega productive in ridiculously short times. Flowering in as low as 7 weeks, this beast of a machine can provide up to 625g/m2 when grown indoors.

Outdoor plants are worth considering too as they can yield approximately 1300g per plant, which is an attractive number for any commercial grower. Industrial Plant is an overall well balanced strain that anyone can grow with ease.

Holy Punch - Green House Seeds (700g/m2)

Holy Punch is a medium sized plant that grows short and bushy due to its indica dominant genetics. It's packed with complex flavours that are both sweet and spicy, leaving a perfectly fruity aftertaste. Plus, it is possible to grow indoors and outdoors in a variety of climates because of its effective resistance to mold.

Its small size is not to be underestimated, as you can still grow plenty of dank weed in relatively short cycles. Indoor plants will yield up to 700g/m2, while outdoors you can happily achieve 1000g per plant. Not bad for a strain that also gives high THC of 20% and up.

Gorilla Breath - Humboldt Seeds (up to 600g/m2)

Gorilla Breath from Humboldt

Here we present to you one of the top hybrids currently floating around the US. Gorilla Breath by Humboldt Seeds is the result from cloning the well known GG4 and OGKB to create a new wonder bud. This aromatic beauty smells like intense sweet and earthy vanilla with flavours that resemble pine and diesel. High production of resin comes with humungous growth, especially if grown outdoors.

Depending on the climate, Gorilla Breath is able to produce a whopping 3500g per plant, reaching giant heights of up to 4 metres. The indoor yield is definitely enough to keep you smiling too, at around 450 - 600g/m2. Plants do well with training techniques such as topping or LST.

Big Devil F1 - Sweet Seeds (up to 650g/m2)

Big Devil F1 is a rapid flowering hybrid cultivar with a 65% dominance in sativa. Smokers enjoy this genetic for its sweet, earthy flavours however it benefits from having both impressive THC content (20 - 25%) and big yields as well, with indoor plants growing up to 1.7 metres and producing around 500 - 650g/m2.

The effect of Big Devil F1 is energetic, leaving the consumer feeling more alert than a heavy stoned, making it a perfect choice for a day time smoke. The smell is strong due to its chunky, resin packed buds covered in white frosty pistil hairs, which give this plant an appearance that just makes it look like a winner.

Blue Gelato 41 - Barney's Farm (up to 700g/m2)

Blue Gelate 41 is a sweet, earthy mix born from Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Sunset Sherbert. It is a strong, vigorous indica dominant (60%) variety with a pungent gassy odor that when smoked, reminds one of lemons and pine trees. It is best consumed at the end of the day for relaxing as the high is extremely calming, which makes it an effective pain reliever.

Blue Gelato 41 will be ready to harvest in about 9 weeks after flipping your light schedule to 12/12. High yields are to be expected at up to 700g/m2. It is perfectly suited for growing indoors due to its robust, resilient structure and is recommended for all levels of grower.

  • THC: High
  • Indoor Yield: 600-700g/m2
  • Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks

Mokam's Tulip - Dutch Passion (650/m2)

For those who like full fruity, candy-like aromas, Mokam's Tulip by Dutch Passion will not disappoint in the least. This genetic is ripping with strong terpenes that will make your nose tickle with excitement. It inherited these superb traits from its flavourful parents, Gelato and Sherbert.

On top of that, it has a quick flowering cycle of 8 weeks, meaning multiple grows a year are possible if you are cultivating indoors. With the correct setup harvests will deliver a tasty 650/m2 of resinous buds that spill over with sparkling trichomes. To make things easier, it is also highly resilient and makes a good choice for both indoor and outdoor growing.


Finding the right strain to grow can be a tough choice but a lot of it comes down to your personal preferences. There are stoners out there who will prefer more potent weed, others mind more about flavour. Whatever the case may be for you, having a decent yield at the end of your grow is encouraging to help you put the right care into the process, all the way from beginning to end.

StrainSeed BankYield Indoors (g/m2)Yield Outdoors (per plant)
Strawberry LemonadeBarney's Farm7002000 - 2500
Green GelatoRoyal Queen Seeds500 - 700800
Pure AKFemale Seeds600-
Orange Sherbert AutoFast Buds500 - 650500 - 650
Industrial PlantDinafem6251000 - 1300
Holy PunchGreen House Seeds7001000
Gorilla BreathHumboldt Seeds6002500 - 3500
Big Devil F1Sweet Seeds500 - 650650
Blue Gelato 41Barney's Farm600-7002500 - 3000
Mokam's TulipDutch Passion600650 - 700

You now have some new strains to go away and play with that are sure to bring you huge harvests of delicious cannabis. If you had great results with any suggestions on this list, share your experience with us below!

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This article was updated January 2021.



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Ive grew Strawberry Lemonade, Green Gelato and Critical my personal opinion all 3 are above average on yeilds and all are very, very nice smokes.. Gelato is definitely the strongest out of the 3 but SL and CK are both pretty strong strains.. I think GG was my highest yeilds with SL in 2nd and CK in 3rd..Definitely recommend all 3 strains for anyone who hasn't tried them yet.. Very high class cannabis plants!!.. :+1::four_leaf_clover:


Sorry to say but this is bullshit. It is widely mown in this committee top yielding strains give upwards of 800-1000g/m2.

The second BS was the strongest strains............Anesia seeds has some of the most powerful genetics with many being over 30%THC. Their top strain which is Future#1 has up to 37% THC so I don't know why they guy is having any "strong cannabis" stories with all 20%~ strains.

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Heyyyaa, I am growing some Strawberry lemonade atm. I have to say she is a beauty to grow. However, after topping, she took very long to even push another Centimeter. So I just flipped, and in consequences, have a lower yeild on a plant that refused to grow taller than 30CM in 10 weeks or less (veg). It's a hit or miss, but over all a great grow so far :)


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Edit: There is external reference link so maybe there is proof after all. Sorry I have to check it out


@Shagrath,runtz muffin.barneys farm has up to 1kg per plant gr/m² ....many more have double that ...but yes .there is proof that those are top yielders=))) the last 2 articles here were just crap


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