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Amazing as always.:+1:
Love their products so much!
Excellent experience with Advanced, the plant has grown very easily, has had a lot of stress, especially lately with the heat, where in the grow I have reached 35 degrees
Very good as always
Very good as always
Used it to begin with and sticking with it.
Ok. I have been using it for a while and everything I have grown with it tastes very similar. Growing Blue Cheese really proved this because I have grown it before and it tasted much better with different nutrients. I will Finnish the products I have left. Also more expensive than other great products.
An absolute joy to grow. Very fast growth on this pheno and a nice cream taste with an OG gas on the back end. The pheno I got growing right now is even better than this one. Very heavy high, super strong. My girlfriend and I only smoke it at night because it will put you out. I did have about 8 or so seeds throughout the entire plant. Not bad and not a big deal.
Just amazing every single time!
Very pleased with the nutrients they fatten up the buds real good
Que decir de advanced... son una de las mejores lineas de fertilizantes del mercado y se puede apreciar en los resultados. :100::raised_hands: