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Flawless Finish


The babies flavour now is very good.
This stuff is expensive but really good. I love not having to deal with pH.
Best nutrients I'll ever use
Productos que nunca decepcionan. Una de las cosas más llamativas de esta línea a gusto personal es la amplia cantidad de productos, cada uno diseñado para un fin específico.
Best cleaning plant solution. If you want your buds clean must have product.
Excelente producto :grin:
it will be hard for me to provide evidence that this product actually improved the flavor of weed. therefor i can only provide a 3 star.
This was a pain in the ass to grow. It really was. It was only in a 2 gallon pot, so it was smaller, but I'll take what I get. The plant was just very, very finicky. Genetics, maybe. My fault, always a possibility. Either way, it grew, we chopped - it was hella sticky and stinky.
Llevo tiempo usando estos fertilizantes y me gusta como estabilizan bastante bien a las plantas y les da un óptimo desarrollo
Perfect nutrients but a little expensive
As I always expected with this brand nothing less would recommend.
Very good as always this time should of lowered the N in flower even more but still great end product so will keep on with A.N.