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Cant find fault with this lot really 2nd time I've used them and pleased with the results again, I will have to try somthing else somewhen as a test but don't want to waste my time just incase :joy::joy:
Super bra älskar dom
Excellent as usual.
Used these as my base nutrients this time and they are great! Strayed from the bottle directions slightly sometimes, but it all worked perfectly!
Great for their intended purposes, soo happy with how this grow went and I suspect these may have had something to do with it!
I think it made a difference. It is blendable with HESI.
Works well. Used at 1/3 strength to avoid nutrient burn after getting nutrient burn at 50% with once a week application.
Хорошее базовое удобрение. Плюсы: не требует корректировки pH. Минусы: большой расход, сложности в общении со службой поддержки. Стимуляторы преимущественно ОК.
Very easy to use, I just followed their feeding program from the website. Like other users, I found cutting back a bit on the amount of nutes took care of any problems that arose. So lots left for a spring and summer grow.