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pH Perfect Sensi Bloom Part A

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Me recomendaron esta variedad de productos y la verdad que contento con el resultado que hemos obtenido
С этими удобрениями всё просто и результативно, очень нравятся, буду пользоваться и дальше.
You just can't fault how good they work in coco. The only reason their not getting 5stars is because they are stupidly expensive and in all fairness you don't need the full range so if you was new like me, seek some advice before spending your monthly wage on the whole advanced nutrients range. Unfortunately Advanced Nutrients won't be getting my business again due to how much I've spent on one plant
Followed Tang's Easy autoflower nute regiment but then used FastBud's feeding chart to gain a basis for levels. No complaints on the overall bud development but as a first time newb grower I found them difficult to dial in without burning the plant. I mis-selected the Connoisseur Bloom at some point please ignore.
nice like always.. next grow -> hesi or biobizz again to see the difference.. but AN seems to produce the highest yield and quality possible (and costs more than other brands ;) ) -> my opinion after 4 AN grows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Since I started growing I use only Advanced Nutrients products, combined with the light quality, I only get the best results, imo AN is the best for hydroponics.