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pH Perfect Sensi Bloom Part A


I like the convenience of not having to adjust pH each time you feed and using full strength of Part A,B usually burn tips..
Works great will continue to use. Would like to try there flawless finish sometime maybe next grow.
Cant find fault with this lot really 2nd time I've used them and pleased with the results again, I will have to try somthing else somewhen as a test but don't want to waste my time just incase :joy::joy:
Very easy to use, I just followed their feeding program from the website. Like other users, I found cutting back a bit on the amount of nutes took care of any problems that arose. So lots left for a spring and summer grow.
Muy buen manejo. Teniendo la tabla de Advanced Nutrients como guía, son unos fertilizantes fáciles de usar y realmente los resultados sorprenden. Los seguiré usando en los próximos cultivos.
Gostei muito mas acho que a tabela é um pouco exagerada para autofloração..vou usar novamente mas com metade da dosagem tenho visto por aí belos cultivos e não usam a base que eles aconselham!