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pH Perfect Sensi Coco Bloom A

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I used the AN Coco line for RDWC with success. The PH perfect tech was forgiving, I stopped paying attention to PH values with the exception of trends and extreme values. Although, you'll still want to make sure the plants don't suffer extreme ph swings during water changes. Otherwise, I would probably use the AN line again for DWC and likely recommend to beginners.
Seriously good nutes. Shitty containers, though.
Seriously good nutes. Shitty containers, though.
I came to Advanced Nutrients from General Hydroponics and I am just blown away by the results. This plant grew much bigger than expected. Everything they said the nutrients will do, they did. I highly recommend this brand from beginner to master.
Grade AAA weed this time these Nutrients are excellent!
You just can't fault how good they work in coco. The only reason their not getting 5stars is because they are stupidly expensive and in all fairness you don't need the full range so if you was new like me, seek some advice before spending your monthly wage on the whole advanced nutrients range. Unfortunately Advanced Nutrients won't be getting my business again due to how much I've spent on one plant
Always the best nutrients that's we have to grow cannabis. Always does the best results.
Es mi primera vez con advanced nutrients y estoy encantado con estos fertilizantes.