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pH Perfect Sensi Coco Bloom A

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Definitely happy with the advanced nutrients line, no complaints, but using with sweet has gi e better results
I think I will try this product again in the future now that my water quality will be better with the RO. My hydro store was having trouble getting it so I got Remo instead. The only downfall I’d say is price of the additives they’re twice as other brands. But the technology on the base seems interesting.
Will rate as 3 stars this time as it was my first time growing with Advanced Nutrients, will compare against my next harvest! Been a great bundle of nutrients so far and with the PH lock in the nutes, it makes life so much easier!
Added these nutes late in the game so it is hard to tell how much of an impact they had with this plant. They did seem to pack on much more weight as soon as I switched from TB to AN line.
I think I’ll give AN another chance in the future. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it. It is very expensive where I live. This line up was $275+. I think my water quality did effect its efficacy.