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It shall be impossible to say these Dutch Formula nutrients have any effect on her growth. My usage of the nutrients must be improper in many ways, for she would suffer from excess of nitrogen. Probably not for use in growing on compost beds, yet it may not determine if the nutrients have a worsening property in nature. I would like to try them with much more caution next time.
I used this product for the first time. I have not problem with these bio products.
Does its job as a base unit.
О+Улобрение ввввввв Advanced Hydroponics of Holland
Easy to use. No worries if you just follow the scheme and look to the plant. I didn't even measure EC once during this grow, merely followed the scheme. The only reason I don't give it top stars, is that I have tried so few other brands, that I can hardly compare to much. This has yet to disappoint me tho. All the fertilizer I used now, was also more than 5 years old after bottle openings. 5 years, didn't harm the plant at all, didn't seem less potent in fertilizer strength either. So recommended for anyone who don't care much for measuring EC values and keeping the res in perfect PH balance all the time. This juice leaves you with few worries.