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Nutrients works nicely with an "autopot"-watering system
Very good fertilizer line. 100% satisfied with all used products.
Still early to say but nothing negative for sure...more comparisons soon
Forever dutch formula. My best pick for cheap and quality grow,fast and big yields. For personal smoking i will choose organic nuts ofc!
The Dutch Formula nutrients prevent the plant from deficiency of materials necessary for flowering. I do not need the Dutch Formula Grow because I have to avoid nitrogen lockout.
One of my favorite anorganic fertilizer, besides Big Plant Science. Top Products
It shall be impossible to say these Dutch Formula nutrients have any effect on her growth. My usage of the nutrients must be improper in many ways, for she would suffer from excess of nitrogen. Probably not for use in growing on compost beds, yet it may not determine if the nutrients have a worsening property in nature. I would like to try them with much more caution next time.