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Regulator is a plant growth and flowering booster that aids processes and supports plant development. Regulator strengthens crops by regulating the absorption of nutrients and increasing dry matter content. The plant strengthening function of Regulator provides maximum protection for stressful situations such as insect- and fungal attacks, heat, water and salt stress. Thus, Regulator provides also in the warm conditions a good protection against heat stress.
During warm periods, Regulator ensures that:
– crop with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius remains green
– transpiration is reduced up to 30%
– regulates plant water management capacities, lowering the usage of water
– strengthens leafs and leaf position
Regulator improves plant defence reactions against pests and diseases. Weaker plants have been proven to be much more susceptible to pests and diseases than stronger plants. Regulator provides this extra protecting to your plants by optimising the mineral uptake and improving cellular wall structure in the plant tissue. These effects ensure that even during stressful situations, plants will continue growing with a high yielding and excellent quality.

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Organic Nutrient
Nutrient TypeClassic N-P-K or micro-elements nutrient
Feeding StyleDay-to-day Solution
Release Year: Previously Released

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