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I use Aptus additives from time to time with great success.
Deducted a point just for its price, but this is one of the unique products that are on the market. It helped getting really thick and sturdy stems which I was looking for.
With regulator the nutrients uptake is better and I use less ferts per cycle.
Aptus is always a great en strong brand i use this one 80 % off the time when i grow
Leaves are healtier since using this product
aptus ih the shiiit..strong for autos, maybe beginners should give nutes every other watering
Great and very condensed product. Economic way to get silica. Adds molybdenum and some other minerals as well. I'm primarily using this for silica.
Non può mancare reguletor e top buster abbinato alla marca adv
As always nice nutrients that will boost babies in early veg phase! Just be careful with dosage as very concentrated ;)
best stuff ever.. it just made my harvest better :100:
Una pasada los resultados con aptus!