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Great product from start to finish
As always this is the best nutrients I’ve ever used
Amazing ! Rock hard buds very very frosty and for sure sticky as ever
Such a great produce ! 5 starts all the way much love big plant science
I really love this brand the plants were so happy :grinning: plus all my buds are huge and dense and very very frosty
This stuff is amazing never looking back ! Much love
very easy to use the BIG plant series, never had any real problems. just follow the feeding schedule and keep the EC below 1.4 with RO water
A great product and will use threw all my up coming diary’s
This was my 1st time using its very easy to use and a great product thanks a lot
This was my 1st time using plant science it was quite simple to get used to and the pit come has been great I was a bit lazy changing dwc on the last few weeks but has turned out amazing thanks for the chance and many more to come
Ok stuff, but not enough for healthy roots.
Pretty good stuff, but with too low amounts of Phosphorus for a longer veg. cycle, so I started giving Bud Explosion before switching to 12/12. This is my second grow with them and I keep getting roots problems. So next time I will either switch to another brand or I will have to try to use their RootExplosion product.
Always big yield with this :heart: