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It works fine :+1::evergreen_tree::snowflake::evergreen_tree::sunglasses:
It works fine : 1::evergreen_tree::snowflake::evergreen_tree::snowflake:
Another grow, yet another great experience with BPS. Think i am starting to fall in love. :heart_eyes:
Nothing but good words about BPS. Loving this series of nutes. "My prescious"..
I am loving this brand/ nute series. Especially when growing hungry plants, like the OG Kush and others, the standard fert. schedule is awsome. This might be my 6-7´th brand, but NOW im staying put. Just had a record harvest with this serie of nutes ,so i dont see a change anytime soon. ( Dont fix, what aint broken )
very easy to use the BIG plant series, never had any real problems. just follow the feeding schedule and keep the EC below 1.4 with RO water