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Great Italian organic nutrients...unfortunally doesn't exist anymore
Great Italian organic nutrients...doesn't exist anymore, but works well :ok_hand:
Great Italian brand, unfortunately doesn't exist anymore
Top brand, but unfortunately doesn't exist anymore
Very nice product..unfortunally this brand doesn't exist anymore
Great Italian real organic nutrients, with a lot of good things inside..If I want to use liquid, this is definitely one of my first choice
Very nice Italian organic nutrients, not too many bottles with a rich formula inside
Great Italian organic nutrients with a finest formula inside...lot of thing are present in any favorite is the biomassa, basically calcium and magnesium base with a few other things
Great Italian products :ok_hand::ok_hand: Basically is a base of molasses with mixed in to it bacteria, trichoderms, amminoacidi,protein, humic acid and some one kelp fermented and calmag plus, always from organic matters.. The only "little" problem is, I don't know if today they are a active on a market.. But products works well :+1:
Great Italian true organic fertilizer.. Cost a little bit, but are very good :ok_hand:
Works well :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
Great Italian organic nutrients :muscle:
Great Italian organic fertilizers :ok_hand: