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my lovely and powerfull plant feeding
The plants LOVED the BIO NOVA nutrients! I have never seen plants that HEALTHY AND VITAL before! The coloration of the leaves was always a nice dark green without any signs of over- or underfeeding. The development of the plants was quick and abundant...I can ONLY STRONGLY recommend BIO NOVA!
Did what it needed to do Needed the CA 15 cause we have soft water here
Classic bottled nites, easy to get the feeding wrong. Did the job. Bud needs a cure after drying to avoid coughing your lungs up
Pretty good fertilizer with potential for great results!! I used Bio-Nova fertilizers for most of my first grows and as much as it is a good fertilizer containing most of the elements needed for a complete cycle it isn't the most beginner friendly since it is easy to both overfeed and underfeed.
Been growing with bio nova auto flower supermix for some time now. Nice change and definitely a nice result with the super soil, although I was having difficulties with Cal/Mag, which the schedule only said to use as an extra in case! Good experience