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The Missing Link

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my lovely and powerfull plant feeding
This fertilizer is so powerful and the terps comes very good out
my absolute new love in feeding! very strong and good product!!!! personality tip
The plants LOVED the BIO NOVA nutrients! I have never seen plants that HEALTHY AND VITAL before! The coloration of the leaves was always a nice dark green without any signs of over- or underfeeding. The development of the plants was quick and abundant...I can ONLY STRONGLY recommend BIO NOVA!
This wake up my interesting very strong product!!! Amazing
Very strong Fertilizer! Its a new challenge work with this but the plants love it
Very Powerfull feeding! Nr.3 was big 96gr.
Unfortunately I haven't had the fertilizer so long. The next grows it will be fully tested, I can only say I'm impressed with the time it has been used
Really love it, i use it for all my plants
Still my favorite brand. I'll keep on using this brand, and adding other stuff when needed !!
Productos de mucha calidad y muy simples de utilizar. A las plantas les encanta.