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Bio-Heaven  improves the effects of all foliar sprays and fertilizers used to feed the plant. At the same time Bio-Heaven rids the plant of toxins, it repairs the chlorophyll production and restimulates the plant. By using Bio-Heaven the plants’ energy will be increased!

Use during the entire grow and flowering period of the plant. Besides, it can be used on every substrate, on coco and in hydrosystems.

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RQS Medusa x3 sponsored
14 weeks
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13 weeks
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 AMS Candy Kush
15 weeks
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Fastbuds banana purple punch first grow
14 weeks
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Fast Buds - Banana Purple Punch Auto
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Amnesia Haze auto "Tough Stop Trio" 3
15 weeks
Amnesia Haze auto "Tough Stop Trio" 3Nookandplant42o
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Red Gorilla Girl XL Auto - RGB.Fire
12 weeks
Red Gorilla Girl XL Auto - RGB.FireFireRGB
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2 years ago · 17 comments
Mother Gorilla  #Virgin grow
17 weeks
Mother Gorilla #Virgin growTheHighentist
Royal Queen Seeds - Mother Gorilla - formerly Royal Madre -
2 years ago · 31 comments

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2 weeks
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Banana Purple Punch Fastbuds
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F1 Wurlz from ZAMNESIA
4 weeks
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4 days ago · 6 comments

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2 months ago
Very Easy to work with. I get that small tip burn. I know when to push for more or less. Very nice product.
2 months ago
I’m using light mix soil and I suing half of nutrients that biobizz recommends and still have nut burn so be easy on autos
2 months ago
2 months ago
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Bioheaven 💪💪💪👍