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Great products, used few times always good results
as always these nutes do a wonderful job
The Canna Bio series is very recommendable :+1:
Bio canna is a good product-like:+1:
Flores and Boost are awesome and will be staples for my future grows. Vega is so - so, and I can achieve similar or better results with other organic alternatives.
since i switched to biocanna i can say i am definetly proud of these nutes !
I think I will stick with Biocanna moving forward. A friend grew at the same time as me using a different product and didn’t get the same result or taste. 100% organic, the boost just reliably achieves great results in fattening up those buds, and enhancing the taste every time
Fantastic!!!!! All natural
Good nutrition, but I’ll switch to green buzz liquids in my next grows.