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As usual they r supagood
The Ryzotonic is great for transplanting with no root damage or they recover very fast. The bio Vega and flora could use a little extra kick without having to use 50 ml in a 25 liter water solution. Very expensive. But I could see the benefits of the more organic type of nutrient. I would highly recommend this line. But I would consider some supplemental nutrients for extra magnesium and nitrogen. As they seemed to be a little weak in that area.
I constantly use this product line. they are good since i dont have to adjust PH
Good and reliable to date. Definitely staying with Boost
First full organic, nice color and awesome taste
Good organic line I have stuck with to date. Having said that I am sassing out a change for next year just to see how it compares, but I will likely stick with the boost still, it works very well
È la prima volta che lo uso devo dire che fa il lavoro per cui è stato fatto
Biocanna is perfect for beginners. follow the grow guide and you will be on your way to amazing growth and great tasting buds. the yield is not as big as the other lines but the flavour is the best of them all unless its fully Organic.
Easy job, for me being a beginner it was great. I got a pack with everything I needed and it was used for two crops 8 plants in total, I finished BioBoost but the others can be use one more time for 4 plants.
I can’t complain about anything so far using BIOCANNA. Boost is the best, but pricey and this big girl ate heaps of it!