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I've been using this since I've started growing and I am now using the botanicare veg.
201g of flower and 147g trim. Purple Pro says 26% THC and even my old man (who likes nothing and no-one) says that it's as smooth as he can remember finding. Other than some quality Sour Diesel, this is my favorite Sativa strain and I'm not even positive what it is or who bred it, but my guess is Candyland. I'm switching off the money-wasting Botanicare line, but it did just fine. So did the TowerGarden A/B though for that matter.
Love it. Definitely one of the best for value and efficiency.
i've been using these guys for a long time and i will keep using them, i never burn my plants and get good results every time.
I really like the one part CNS 17. It is easy to use and is cheap. It also contains 17 elements. I suggest using Ripe instead of Bloom for auto flowers. It may lower leaf to flower ratio and increase flower size as the NPK ratios are more inline for a bloom period.
Honestly not that impressed. The bloom seemed okay. The grow seemed a bit strong, really struggled with nute burning early on.
Grow tends to burn a little easier than I’d like, but it is very easy to deal with. The others worked great as I’m less concerned with burning during flower
Keep it simple, I don't know better but it served me well!
Botanicare's CNS17 line got my attention because it is "one part" for each stage of the plants life. With that being said, the nutrient line does not perform well for cannabis if you are just mixing in with water as recommended on the label NOR does it work following the nutrient calculator. *Side note: I have tried contacting Botanicare numerous times by email, and have NEVER received a reply from them! Just saying. I the end, because I bought a gallon of Grow, Bloom and Ripe, I calculated the individual PPMs of N, P, K, Ca, Mg and S in the individual formulas and then used a spread sheet to manipulate the amount in mL needed to hit the ppm range I was looking for in Veg and Bloom. It was a lot of work and so far I have only tested it on a DWC basil project, but, that shit is blowing up!!