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Pure Blend Pro Bloom


I believe my plant would not have been as nice without using this. However, I wish I used it through its whole cycle to know more.
Still very new to this product. I do believe my grow would have been worse had I not added this. I did everything I could to help this little lady through.
Did not start using this until weeks into flower so very unsure. I cannot justify any comment I make for this product base on this particular plants life.
Without this, I would have just tossed this plant. However after adding, I decided to keep the haul and use for balm. :smiley:
We didn't start using this until later in the flowering stage then others would. Had we not started it at all, I do not believe we would have had any buds. :)
This stuff works well, is organic based, and I like to keep it simple
Love Botanicare pure blend, and been using it since 2012 exclusively....although I had some nutrient burn on tips of my leaves, that was my own fault for not diluting the res. I was running about 1800 ppm which was too much. Lesson learned.
Am happy with the brand, I didn't have the complete line, to see all the benefits it may or may not have provided my girls. I think I might try something new, or complete buying my set of Bo.
Didn’t have any problems. Not much I can compare it to. I was also doing half the recommended quantity
It was super easy to use. I just followed the chart on the back. I varied the PH level throughout and had very few problems. There only problem I had was a calcium deficiency, but that was due to a uncalibrated PH meter.
Botanicare is tried and true for me in terms of liquids. Been using most of their line for years. Beware the base is essentially a higher powered calmag. Would recommend these to anyone for just about any application. Hydroguard really wasn’t utilized as we’ve generally found it more reliable to spike the res. With peroxide instead.
Botanicare is always on point. No real diff. It seems between the base and the calmag save a minor addition to the N. she got most of everything on the pure blends. Hydroguard wasn’t an option as we switched to using peroxide instead. Been a loyal customer for years on this stuff:+1:
No issue, recommend to use half strength for DWC
Nutes :lollipop::lollipop::lollipop::lollipop: There was no major change to our typical nute regimen except for the addition of terpinator. I’m not even gonna try giving this a rating after what happened with the burn. If the profile on this plant remains the same the next time we run it, then terpinator would be useless as a supplement IMO. That said, the remainder of the line up has always performed well for me so no complaints at all.
Botanicare organic hydro nutrients are fantastic