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Pure Blend Pro Bloom

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I've been tweaking as I go and trying to learn how to use this line of nutes. I had no major setbacks with the exception of nute lockout early flower that slowed progress, but my little lady seemed to really enjoy her food. Also used some malted barley (crushed just prior to dusting the top soil) for some enzyme boosts.
Always a reliable brand and has yet to fail me to date. Not quite the strength of the ghe stuff but when used correctly - great nute line.
PH swings, hard to control in low amounts of water. Side by side GH wins
Cost effective organic based reliable nutes I have been using since 2012
I believe my plant would not have been as nice without using this. However, I wish I used it through its whole cycle to know more.
Still very new to this product. I do believe my grow would have been worse had I not added this. I did everything I could to help this little lady through.
Did not start using this until weeks into flower so very unsure. I cannot justify any comment I make for this product base on this particular plants life.
Without this, I would have just tossed this plant. However after adding, I decided to keep the haul and use for balm. :smiley:
We didn't start using this until later in the flowering stage then others would. Had we not started it at all, I do not believe we would have had any buds. :)