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Pure Blend Pro Grow

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Great products but you guys need to make the 2-×-× nitrogen in the cal mag go away. If I wanted nitrogen I'd feed them grow'
PH swings, hard to control in low amounts of water. Side by side GH wins
I've always had good luck with botanicare products
Cost effective organic based reliable nutes I have been using since 2012
This stuff works well, is organic based, and I like to keep it simple
love this stuff so much, amazing every time!
Am happy with the brand, I didn't have the complete line, to see all the benefits it may or may not have provided my girls. I think I might try something new, or complete buying my set of Bo.
Didn’t have any problems. Not much I can compare it to. I was also doing half the recommended quantity
It was super easy to use. I just followed the chart on the back. I varied the PH level throughout and had very few problems. There only problem I had was a calcium deficiency, but that was due to a uncalibrated PH meter.
A large simple plant to grow, wish branches were bigger but the plant puts out.
Really like this full line up, I have the nutrients dialed in really well and never really show deficiencies in my plants anymore. Very happy with them.