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Really liked how stable the ph was, easy to find product when I needed refills. Unfortunately I found the starter kit to not contain enough for a full grow and had to purchase 1L refills of almost everything. The boost product impressed the most with beautiful trichrome production
Top brand as usual, always deliver amazing results, thricomes wize :muscle::skin-tone-3:
I enjoy working with canna, so far so good.
As usual, awesome brand : 1::skin-tone-4::muscle::skin-tone-3: A bit to expensive and have to many bottles to mix Every week.
As before, good brand but expensive and alot of different bottles.
Used full strength on an autoflower strain, no problems.
One of the best root stims in the market imo
Rhizotonic is amazing canna start helps a little I guess.
The whole line of fertilizers Canna Coco really liked! It turned out great healthy plants with excellent resin and large buds. Canna Coco with AutoPot saved a lot of time and showed excellent results. I seriously thought about changing Bio to Coco :)
Nice set of nutrients. No downsides. Easy to reach nutrients with syringe. But i feel i don't need "Start" & "PK 13/14".
Doing the job. I really like the Rhizotonic for the roots.