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Foliage-Pro Tropical Foliage Formula

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Great product. I use foliage formula during veg and germinate. I use three tbs of bloom to one tbs of foliage during flower
First time growing Dyna-Gro exclusively. Plant was very healthy the whole grow. Great flowery/skunky aroma, pretty hard buds also. Three tbs of bloom to one tbs of foliage during flowering
Used Foliage Pro once to bounce plants back out from some stress. Unable to tell if the silicon solution did anything.
Didn't really get to see this line's potential. I switched to An.
First time using this line up but the results looks good. Would use it again for sure!
Love this lineup, it is what I'm using for a while.
These are excellent nutrients for any growing. Tells exactly what's in it. If it's good enough for your local University research ......
Super easy nutrients that yielded incredible results. Still testing out other nutrients, but this is easily the best I've used so far.
This is my first time using Dyna-Gro nutrients and they couldn't have made hydroponics any easier. Feed chart was simple, but very effective.
I had small sizes and bought more, these nutes have worked out great for me
Its amazingly cheap an easy whats easier then only 2 bottles lol.
Loved using these nutes. They are super simple.