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This line of nutrients seems to work good and I have had very little problems.
I added this at the end in hopes to increase potency or resin production but once again I misjudged my plants bloom cycle so it wasn't as effective as it could have been
First time use of these products and they did there job. with any new Nuites, I feel you need a few grows under your belt to work out the little things to get the maximum from your grow. These were not that heavy in salts and they flushed pretty easily not bad for vendor samples I would recommend these to other growers.
Full line of earth juice was used on wall girls 1, 2 & 3 and aroma was nowhere near as strong or fruity as the 20 gal pot girl that was fed Remo Nutrients. Go figure
These nutrients were only used at week 3 in a very light dosage. Watered in a small dose of these nutrients for one watering.
Plant roots and soil seem to like it